It’s snowing in Warsaw

Overnight we had the biggest fall of snow so far this winter. Big, wet, heavy, sticky stuff that is weighing down the branches and as the temperature rises is falling to earth in large sloppy globules.

I snapped a very quick (and bad) panorama of the view from the terrace:

It is 2000 pixels wide so hard to fit on the blog page but if you click you’ll get a large version and the original is also available.

We’re off to the ballet lesson soon, I’m getting quite good at it! After that we’ve got tickets for the “Upiór of the Opera” at Roma theatre. Yellerbelly saw this back in April and seemed to enjoy it.

While we’re watching that, West Ham will be hopefully sneaking a win over Middlesbrough to get through to the quarter-finals of the FA cup. Come on you Irons!!

Have a good weekend folks!


3 thoughts on “It’s snowing in Warsaw

  1. In Kraków there’s much more snow and we are still living! :D

    I’d like to see you Scatts in f.e. “Swan Lake”! :) :) :)

    My sister-in-law and I we are fans of “The phantom in the Opera”. We don’t understand why my niece is saying: “What?! Again that “Peasant in the camera”!!! :D
    She would better support her idol Rihanna to fight his brutal ex-lover.

  2. I hope your snow will not head this way. Usually when talking to my cousin in Poland if they get snow about 2 days later we get it or what ever weather they are experiencing.

    Love Phantom….still my favorite play along with the music. Maybe a dumb question but will this be spoken/sung in Polish or English.

    Happy Valentine’s Day <3

  3. It will be interesting to see what you think. As I said, with such well known tunes, it’s sometimes strange to hear them sung in Polish – but even so, the effect is the same.


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