Złota 44 – still going

I had a request for a further update on the progress of Złota 44, so here it is.

Last time I reported was two months ago in early December and rumours were rife that construction might be stopping soon. Well, they did have a fairly long break for Christmas and were slowed down by the very cold weather in January but haven’t stopped yet and have now got to the point where the view from our coffee room is ruined.


The footprint of the rising tower has shrunk to just that part that’s going sky-high leaving a part that one assumes will be a terrace of some kind hanging out at the Pałac end.


You can get a better idea of the way apartments fit into this concrete Meccano set from Yellerbelly’s excellent update from mid Jan.

Here’s a view of the coal face as it stood earlier today. Not as many workers as there used to be but maybe today’s bitter wind is keeping them in their barrak!


It is now so large that it’s impossible to get a view of the whole thing with my camera without walking down the street so here’s the “big picture” with PKN in the background.


Apologies for the crappy photos but I’m using my old Fuji on low resolution.


10 thoughts on “Złota 44 – still going

  1. They do indeed. We’ve already had the occasional Holiday Inn guest hanging their todgers out the window. Sadly, the female guests are more circumspect.

  2. I heard yesterday that some developers are starting to offer up to 15% off apartment prices. No open market offers yet though – there’s a feeling a deluge is on its way…

    Asking prices now “average” 27,000 PLN per sq m for this building! For one of the penthouses maybe, but average price!

  3. Nik, I agree but I think this might come down to financing in that they are unwilling to commit to anything beyond concrete right now.

    There’s also the possibility of damage.

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