Everyone in playschool knows I fart!

Zosia slept with us for a short time yesterday morning. Later that day she said to me “Daddy, you know when I was in your bed you did a pryk (fart)?”

“Did I Zosia, well, I’m very sorry about that.”

Later still and I was telling mummy, “You know mummy, Zosia said that I did a pryk when I was in bed earlier!”

Mama was not showing signs of surprise.

“It’s okay.”, said Zosia. “I told everyone in playschool that you fart!”

I’m devastated!



15 thoughts on “Everyone in playschool knows I fart!

  1. The pryk was probably an after-effect of the blog meet!?!?

    The get-together looked like fun — I’m now in England… two weeks, and then on to Chicago. Glad you all had a good time, next time I’ll try to work my schedule around for a guest appearance. :-)

  2. Scatts,

    you will be famous in whole kindergarten! :D (as not very well tempered and ill-mannered man)
    Pryk in polish means usually an very old and infirm (probably impotent too) man, so it’s pejorative! But I hadn’t heard it’s equal fart.
    We say rather puścić bąka/to blow a fart or purknąć (sounds a little bit like French “pourquoi” or vulgar pierdzieć.

  3. Yeah, those bastards at CNN are always on my case! Wolf Blitzkrieg did a half-hour special on me just the other week. SOBs

    Like that book, DC. I needed an illustration and now I have one!

    Material – I suppose “pryk” is just another of those strange uses of words we collect in our family.

  4. Scatts, Jonathan Porrit of the British Green Party says farting in bed is irresponsible in the light of today’s environmental situation. He cited you as a case study. The word is spreading.

  5. Exactly, Pino! And they talk about methane with regard to England’s bovine population! What about those irresponsible HUMANS, fer pete’s sake! At least Poland has lots of fresh air — those winds from the Baltic states will freshen things up considerably.

    It is raining cats and dogs here in ol’ Blighty. Couldn’t have asked for more atrocious weather. Be glad you’re in Polska!!

  6. Johathan Porrit needs to worry more about all the hot air he’s spewed out over the years before he gets on my back about the odd trouser burp!

    Aha! Ellie’s in wet and windy Britain! What you bin doin with our footie managers, Ellie? You arrive and two get sacked in the same day!

  7. I think Zosia wanted to say “pyrk” instead of “pryk”.

    Pyrk it’s onomatopoeia, so it’s imitate special sounds effect. In polish “pyrk pyrk” made f.e. an old car or motorbike with destroyed or damaged exhausting pipe.

    The other word for fart that came to my brain is bździeć. Bździoch (called colloquially, I’m not entomologist to know what it’s real name, for me it has cartilaginous armour, so it’s from the cockchafer family) is a kind of insect you can meet in the forest, especially when you are picking blueberry. He is stinking. From here bździna = 1 fart, bździny = 2,3,4 and more farts.

    And from pierdzieć in the prisoner slang is made pierdel=prison. “iść do pierdla” = to go to a prison, “siedzieć w pierdlu” = “to sit/to stay in a prison”.

  8. :D
    Thanks for enlighten! ;-)))
    But to me internet isn’t prophecy and authority. I checked in 6 dictionaries (published by PWN and Wydawnictwa Naukowe – both authorities) and there were nothing about prykać!!!
    That must be from other part of Poland and certainly slang.

  9. My influence extends beyond international borders, Scatts! I was just sick of watching rubbish football on Sky, so came over here to work my magic.

    Note that, an hour ago it was lovely and sunny, now it’s pissin’ it down. Perhaps my influence is of the negative sort?

  10. That is so funny. Out of the mouth of babes. And now you will be famous for ever.

    “it is better to fart and bare the shame
    than not to fart and bare the pain” :D

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