A meeting of blog people

The third “Polandian BlogFest” was held yesterday in Warsaw’s old town, attracting many of the world’s best Polish themed blog people. Such was the combined influence of the gathered assembly that the sun came out for the whole day. The first time it had been seen since last September and it has disappeared again today!

Bloggettes came from far and wide including Krakow, the UK & Sweden (via Gdansk). Having arrived slightly earlier to make sure the table was sorted, I took the opportunity to wander around outside snapping the guests as they arrived.

First in was adthelad who can be seen here giving those walking around the old town the full benefit of his rants on themes of “Why bishops should be allowed to say what the hell they like!” & “How the twin towers were felled by a troop of trained beavers.”.

Not long after him, pinolona arrived clutching a spaniel to her breast whilst frantically searching for the lower ends of her arms.

Island1 was spotted in the far distance bearing his cross. The cross is engraved all over with the words “Thou shalt not post about jumper dumplings!”

I thought I’d spotted Anna trying to sneak in dressed as a nun but on closer examination it turned out to be just a nun after all!

Last to come was Bob wearing his General Patton outfit!

Eventually all were safely gathered in and the beer, kaszanka and Caesar salad’s flowed.

Here’s the band singing to the waitress, a song called “Oh why were you born such a miserable cow?”

After the Bavarian experience a few hardy souls wandered the old town looking for more beer. The place I knew has closed down. The place Michael knew has closed as well. The place Jamie knew was actually a curry house & Felicity had no idea where she was. The bar next door to Jamie’s curry house was jammed and noisy as hell so we ended up in an underground labyrinth called something like Paddy O’Leary’s Irish pub. The only thing Irish about it was the Guinness. They had a live band playing with music and video piped through to the bar area where we were standing. The rest of the band were inaudible over the screeching of the lead crooner who was so bad that most people thought there was an amateur karaoke competition in process. I could stand no more and left after downing a Guinness, what happened to the others is a mystery.


25 thoughts on “A meeting of blog people

  1. scatts – thanks for organizing the evening. It was a pleasure to meet everyone however I was a bit disappointed that topless maidens from the court hearing were not in attendance – maybe next time – what beach was that? Maybe we will meet there in the summer.

  2. Wunderbar is the word that springs to my mind. In the the ‘Aj wunder wy ajw bin barred’ sense of the word :) Somehow managed to put my size (US) 12s in my mouth when talking to Anna – apologies once again – no I’m not going to tell what I said, suffice to say an innocently intended bit of banter turned into a ‘airhead ‘ comment.

    On further investigation I discover I’m not the only air head. Island, Scatts and Michael are all air signs too. Hmmm, I smell something fishy – another conspiracy theory? C’mon, own up – who else out there in our blogging fraternity is one?

  3. We have a record of what you said to Anna. It will be released to your wife unless you deliver 1,000 PLN worth of Karta Benzynowa Talon’s to Michael by 12 noon on Wednesday

  4. adthelad,

    R U German? (Wunderbar) :D
    Earlier you asked why Poles pronounce apple how “epl” or “apl”.
    I listened Glenn Miller “Sitting on the apple tree” and they sang “ejpl”, so I pronounced “ejpl”, but my english teacher said that’s wrong, correct is “epl”.

  5. Hey, I’m not a German, and I can say “Verkehrsverbindungen”! However, it doesn’t make for a good pun (or any pun, for that matter).

  6. My wundebar comment was more a cryptic aside on the Austrian ‘meetery’ as well as a lead in to some attempied word play.

    I’ve never heard anyone sing ‘ajpple’, let alone Glen Miller – you must be thinking of Glejn Majler – a cover band leader I believe :)

    However, seeing Verkehrsverbindungen mentioned does remind me of the few transport related german words I do know:

    ACCIDENT – Der Autoinabludimessen

    ESTATE CAR – Der Bagerroomenfurshagginindebaken

    WINDSCREEN WIPERs – Der flippenflappenmuckenschpredders

    INDICATORS – Die Blinkentickentocken

    GEAR LEVER – Biggensticken fur kangaroojumpen

    BREATHALYSER – Die Huffenpuffintem fur pistenarsen

    FOOTBRAKE – Der edbangeronvindschreenstoppenquicken

    TYRES – Flattenfahrts

  7. Should be ‘Bagserroomenfurshaggininderbacken’ – easy to miss the odd letter when you’re a bit Brahms and Liszt.

  8. DC – I’d love to take credit for those little ticklers (hmmm….punctured tyres should be Flattenfahrts) but, as old joke guru scatts will confirm, they’re are as old as the hills.

  9. I decided to bring to light all top secrets of the inner history of the 3rd Polandians’ meeting.

    Whole true about meeting:

    Pinolona was attacked by some “polish gentelman” who threw himself to kiss her hands. He was losted in his erotic lust.
    At first Pinolona protest.
    P: I don’t want to exchange my bacteria with the man I first see in my life!
    But finally she sacrificed herself to protect her puppy spaniel (which that day had fresh cleaned paws), and so she lost forearms.
    With the last rest of her power Pinolona cried:
    P: Help I need somebody! Help, not just anybody. Help me if you can I’m falling down!
    Happily in the nearby shop adthelad was throwing with his sword/sabre the teapacks with visible disgust painted on his face.
    A: In this rotten land they have nothing even not the decaffeinated tea!
    Suddenly he heard Pinolona voice
    P: Help!
    and spaniel was barking too, but adthelad was thinking that was a child cried.
    That all awoke in adthelad his fresh father emotion and he threw away all tea (both caffeinated and decaffeinated) and ran with relief/relieved a besieged Pinolona.
    At the same time Bob was came out of the canals he dag from his garden in Marysin or Anin or Konstancin where he found some petroleum. From that petroleum he produced benzine he carried in the bottle just in case he will see in the distant german tank “tiger”. He almost throw that bottle, but happily on that came Jamie. (In the other case the story would be ended. Survived only bacteria). He brandished with the cross and the “polish gentelman” stop to bite poor Pinolona and escape. Jamie said:
    J: “Pax vobiscum”/Peace to all
    to stop Bob before throwing the self made inflammable material.

    But that’s not the end! Like most of the stories that also has a second bottom.

    Jamie as king Zygmunt III Waza beared the cross. It was not usual cross.
    Cross had got 2 functions:
    1. Jamie wanted to hypnotizate me and delude me waving before my eyes with that cross.
    2. As a weapon. MI6 put inside the latest rocket type earth-human.

    These both functions lead to send me to the hell.
    Because Anna wasn’t that nun. It was me!

    Unfortunately running away “polish gentelman” spoiled all Jamie’s plans to kill me. I disappeared in the crowd.

    Jamie, don’t worry! Delayed revenge taste better! :D

    P.S. They all hadn’t eaten kaszanka! No, not at all! They ate crunchy bread backed since 1919 with the trademark Wasa (like the king Zygmunt III) of the banderole!

  10. My middle name is Methuselah!

    According to the Bible, he reached the age of 969 years. Genesis 5:27 states, “And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died” (American Standard Version). Genesis 5:5 states, “So all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died.” (American Standard Version). Assuming Adam’s life began at the time of creation, Adam was alive when Methuselah was born. This makes Methuselah the human link between Adam and Noah (assuming Methuselah died at the time of the flood, or at least after Noah’s birth).

    Can’t help thinking they hadn’t quite grasped the concept of a year back then.

  11. Adthelad, I’m deaf in one ear (or as Pinolona can tell you, maybe in both) so whatever you were saying to me that evening – I heard nothing at all. Gotta get that tape from Bob and find out what it was. LOL! ;)
    Scatts, thank you for arranging a great blog meat, or was it miet? Sorry I had to bolt early.

  12. Material girl – What?!? Not one mention of scatts? Or was he the second bottom you referred to?

    You know, I feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of this blog commenting business :o)

  13. The question is, Ad, when are you going to get the hang of this blog posting business? ;)

    I’m certain everyone here wants to hear about bringing up baby, for example.

  14. Scatts? Who is it? He isn’t on any of pic., so he doesn’t exist! ;-)))
    After all do I really have to pay him a contribution?
    From the other hand I don’t like to grease vaseline/ soft soap/ lipsalve, so when I say to sb compliment it’s true and it’s worth sth, although usually I’m using to say bitter words or words the others are afraid to say, just like a common troublemaker! :D Like my father says: “who has a soft heart, has to has got hard ass”.
    I don’t like when it’s easy. Then I’m just bored and I’m growing lazy.

  15. But if I finally conquer Broadway and will get Oscar for the best screenplay I will shed 2 crocodile tears & thank to God, mum & dad (that they wanted to make me), Polandian and Scatts for the inspiration.
    I promise then, buy Scatts the biggest TV-screen he can put in his house.
    For the other Polandians I promise my autographs for free.
    Let you know my master or rather mistress favour and my sarmatian sweeping gesture. hahaha

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