5 thoughts on “The bigger threat

  1. Do you take requests? From here and Polandian I already feel well-informed to fear Polish drivers when I visit. But I don’t remember reading too much about how Polish drivers or Poland in general does with lots of snow. Are they paralyzed when it happens like in the UK right now? DC drivers are utterly useless with just a small accumulation. (Caution: I am from the upstate New York lake-effect snow belt and terribly smug about it.)

    Darth Sida’s post a while back about learning to drive in Poland was fantastic. I wonder if she could be goaded into making a snow post?

  2. If you insist in calling him “she”, probably not! :)

    We’ll see what we can do, Darth has retired early but someone else might be able to rustle something up, albeit with less research and links than Darth.

  3. DC, thanks for kind word. The icon-lady is Barbara Krafft├│wna I once dared to MS Paint. Here’s she, in the middle. (Never enough reminding of anyone cast in the “Saragossa Manuscript” movie.)

    Scatts, “retired”? I do not “share your optimistic appraisal of the situation”. Perhaps you mean I am damn tired and then re-tired? OK then :)

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