The February blog-miet update

I’m not sure everyone who might wish to come has bothered sending an email so, at the risk of stirring up unwanted crowds of fans, I’ll put the details here so nobody has any excuses!!

The day


The hour

TABLE IS BOOKED FROM 4pm, 16:00 HRS – (and it’s going to be embarrassing if I’m trying to make the table look occupied all on my own – hint hint!) ;)

The place

ul.Podwale 25,
tel: +48 22 635 6314

The incentive

“Polandian Happy Hour” is between 4-5 pm during which time I’ll buy all the drinks (with the exception of cocktails and expensive wine). I’ll just steal the money from Jamie’s wallet later in the evening anyway, if there’s any in there!

More information

One conclusion in trying to work out where to meet is that Warsaw is in desperate need of a bar that would meet our requirements!

The place I’ve chosen is a pseudo-Bavarian bierhalle cum restaurant. They serve gigantic portions for good prices (by Warsaw standards) and the beer is reasonably good. Over 10 people you’re supposed to choose a set menu but I explained that not everyone will be eating, nor will everyone turn up at the same time so that’s not really needed. I would however recommend eating here if you haven’t yet decided where to eat that day, even a starter will keep you going for three weeks and the golonka….!!

It is hard to know how many people will actually turn up so I’ve estimated and booked a table for 12 people. That’s based on the following attendance – myself +2, Jamie +1, Michael D, Adam, Bob, Anna, Pino & Colin. That’s 11 leaving only one spare place. I can call them back nearer the day and reserve a bigger table for 15+, no problem, so PLEASE let me know if you’re coming and not in that list, or in the list and not coming!! Thanks. Also, if there are problems with the timing please let me know so I’ve got a rough idea when we can release empty space to the pushy hoards who will be looking enviously at our virgin table real estate.

The table is booked under the name “POLANDIAN”.

Piwna Kompania is located sort of between the old old town and the new old town. Every taxi driver knows where it is. If you’re standing looking at the scene in the picture below, “The Barbican” – old town is straight through the arch, new town is behind you and this restaurant is to your right about 50 yards away.

The entrance looks like this:


I’ll send my mobile number to those who have mailed me.

Look forward to seeing you there!

10 thoughts on “The February blog-miet update

  1. Hello my friend — It looks like I’ll be flying away on Saturday, so sadly, cannot be there. Hope you all have a great time. I’ll miss you and Poland. Will definitely keep reading all the blogs… just it will be from Little Polonia — Chicago. x e

  2. guest – I suspect you might know the owner? Anyway, you’re right, it is Austrian but if I said that nobody would know what to expect! :)

    expateek – major bummer! I remember it was around this time you’d be leaving so didn’t have high hopes but a pity nonetheless. Have a safe and stress free trip and look forward to hearing from you from the other side. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, doll! I’ll be slavering over a few of the Polish packers this week — takes my mind off the stress. Right now I’m trying to decide what clothes I should take in two suitcases, to live in for the next 4-5 MONTHS. I guess clean knickers would be a good start, eh?

    Good luck with the blog-meat (have the galunka! –sp?) and have a few shots for me, too.

    I’ll continue my Polish research (sklepy w Chicagu) and keep you posted on my findings.

    All the best, x e

  4. Scatts, I’ll be there right at 4.
    Expateek, you lucky you! You have movers! I’m packing (read: throwing away) everything by myself, dragging whatever’s left to Poland, and then sending it bit by bit to Japan.

  5. Thanks for the invite, we’ll be in Lodz for the weekend though, then, in a couple weeks back to snow-bound Canada via hopefully-sunny Morocco.

  6. Sadly, I’ll have to give this one a miss. I just got my invite, thanks by the way.

    I don’t go out for months and then, bam!, the next 4 weekends are busy, busy, busy.

    Have a good time (sans moi) and Kompania is definitely a nice place to go. Last time I went, the portion sizes were rather impressive and the beer huge.

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