The February blog-meat

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I’m too lazy to look back at the history but from memory, due to the not altogether stellar turnout for the December meeting and also because various people (such as Anna and Pinolona) who are not normally in Poland will be in Poland at the time – draws breath – we planned to have a follow-up bloggers meeting in February, Saturday the 7th to be precise.

It seems that this date is still a good one and so on that basis we should try and stick with it. Anyone who blogs, or used to blog, about Poland in any way shape or form as well as everyone who reads and comments on them are welcome to come along. Anyone who wants to hit any of us should form a separate queue outside please!

I think the best way to distribute details such as time and place is by email so anyone interested in coming please send a mail to 20east AT post DOT pl and if it’s not obvious, give me a clue as to who you are. I’ll respond with details soon.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Oh yes! If you want/need to you are obviously more than welcome to bring along “attachments” of any size, shape or sex.


25 thoughts on “The February blog-meat

  1. Where is it going to be? So far the best I can say is somewhere in the middle of Warsaw. I want to get a better feel for how many might really truly turn up before I think about where to destroy!

  2. I have applied for and received dispensation to go to the ball on the 7th as long as I’m home by midnight, else I turn into a pumpkin :)

    Now what to wear…..?

  3. This is sounding very organised so far…count me in and thanks for the reminder.

    Let us know if it’s a kiddy-friendly venue. If not, I will leave my destructive little attachments at home.

  4. This time Scatts you got off cheaply, I will not form a separate queue outside. :D
    Perhaps one beautiful day you will meet in Kraków… ;)
    I can even give you my blessing for the meeting, although you don’t care much about it like others my good advices connected with “kolęda, wizyta duszpasterska”. :D

  5. scatts – hair shirt? Hair mouth, hair baby, hair wife, hair house, hair garden, and hair neighbourhood! Having two enormous mega hairy Caucasians everything I possess is covered with the bl**dy stuff!!

  6. Yes, 21.01-18.02 Aquarius/Wodnik!

    So happy birthday Scatts. Let the next 50 years be better, never worse!

    Although to the end of this year I’m not very flexible I accept this (Krak as following meeting), but I come only when Colin come too.

  7. Oh they SAY they’ll all come. They always SAY they’ll come. But then there are the long hours of waiting, and the recriminations, and the tears and the wailing… DOOM I tell you! DOOM! We’re all DOOMED!!

    Okay, I’ll come.

    What is the ‘meat’ in a blog-meat anyway, or is that a typo?

    Pino: What?!

    Scatts: Merry Birthday and a Happy New Decade!

  8. Yes, Scatts left the office today bearing a huge weight on his shoulders.

    Care to share your burden at the blog-meat Scatts? ;)

    I’ll bring the straws.

  9. Pin I have a 3 room place that I had refurbished last year – has furniture but you would need a sleeping bed, if its not let by the 7th you can stay there with whomever you like . has a double bed and large sofa bed.

    send me a mail

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