Have I wandered into some kind of farce?

Can there possibly be anything more absurd than what I’ve been reading in the British press recently?

On the one hand:

The UK is suffering a major recession potentially leading to a situation requiring IMF assistance to stay afloat. People are losing their jobs left and right, now over 2 million with 131,000 jobs lost in the last 3 months alone. Bail-outs for the banks now shifting from dangerous to suicidal. Belt-tightening very much the order of the day.


On the other hand:

Manchester City, a football club in the British Premier League, offer around £100 million transfer fee plus wages of £500,000 per week to get one football player called Kaka to join their team. One football player that, although clearly an excellent player, would almost certainly have not changed the club’s fortunes a great deal given the mess they are in.

Now of course, the UK mess is very much one of its own making (despite blaming the Americans for opening up the can) and the football money is coming from an Arab, Sheikh Mansour (the teenager in-between the guys in suits), but surely there has to come a time when somebody walks on stage and says “Hang on a minute! This just isn’t making any sense!”

United Arab Emirates Soccer Manchester City

I really, truly, don’t know who to dislike the most. Brown for throwing his (my parent’s and friend’s in fact) billions around as if he has even half a bloody idea what he’s trying to do to save his sorry arse and reputation, or, the teenager throwing his (one assumes from his father and therefore allegedly this is also not his money but that belonging to the people of the UAE ) millions around playing with his new toy. Based purely on the damage being done to the people of the countries involved, I’d have to come off the fence and say Brown is the biggest target for my bile, but it’s close.

The footballer, Kaka, had the good sense to stay well out of it and to instead reinforce his big love-in with Berlusconi and the whole AC Milan supporters club.

I have to ask the question, which of these absurd bubbles is going to be first to pop – Britain or Premier League football?


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