Ferie zimowe

You have to love this time of year in Warsaw. Many people are off holidaying because it is the school’s winter break (ferie zimowe) and those who aren’t are too broke to be wandering around in places like Zlote T. This combination means that getting into town and working where I do are a joy, for a while at least.

I’m not looking forward to early February when everyone will be back to work and bank accounts will have been topped up by January pay!

The timing for this winter break is just awful. After all, it seems only last week we had Christmas & New Year and now we’re supposed to be organising (and paying for) 10 days entertainment for our kids? Luckily Zosia is not at a school that closes this year but next year we’ll have the same problem. I’m told that Poland staggers the dates of the ferie zimowe by region such that they do not have the whole country on holiday at the same time and to help out the winter resorts. I assume this year it was Warsaw’s turn to take the early shift?

Not sure what the snow situation is in the Polish mountain resorts but it is disappearing fast in Warsaw because temperatures have risen to around +5 degrees.

I did some advance planning of the holiday situation this year and it is a grim outlook. A lot of national holidays are falling on the weekend. If it falls on a Sunday then tough titties, you get no day off “in lieu”. Only two of them fall on Saturdays and so other days will be allocated but whichever way you look at it, this year is not a good one for those extended breaks where you get nine days off for only two days holiday entitlement! Good for work I suppose and in these recessional times that’s what we should all be doing – working our little pupas off. Right?

All we’ve got planned so far in terms of holidays is;

  • Weekend in Mazury with friends – end of Jan
  • Five days in Oslo visiting friends – Majówka

Summer holiday this year is going to be the big family road trip! I think we’ll take three weeks (work permitting) in July/August and just get in the car, head south and see what happens.


8 thoughts on “Ferie zimowe

  1. great idea!this is the best holiday one could only imagine! our plans are just the same, as last year experience on all inclusive Turkey tourist dessert happened to be the most boring nightmare! just the hotel and beyond the fence – burnt grass. never again.

    my recommendation – Italy! roads are good, traffic like always during summer holiday – rather busy, but! food excellent, easy to find holiday house (an old rustic olive house), fantastic people , very open and very loud! this is everything you might need.

  2. South from Kraków there’s a lot of snow, especially last weekend was wonderful.
    Trees with fresh snow and frost made really fabulous scenery (like in Narnia from “The lion, old wardrobe and the witch”, what was filmed in Karkonosze).
    Good condition to ski or sledge or just spend an intoxicating time. ;) :)

  3. All these recommendations are in line with our own thoughts. Definitely Slovenia because it is a slightly mysterious place, then for sure the Italian lakes. After that we decide either to go right to Monaco & southern France or straight down to Tuscany or left into Croatia. I think all three would be nice but too much driving!

  4. France and Monaco are nice, but Coratia is now much cheaper than the EUR countries…For 1000 zloty you get much more in Croatia than in Monaco or southern France…

  5. Beskid Wyspowy for us – thanks to staggered ferie, we were almost only people on the slopes (Śnieżyca – Kasina Dolna), well prepared piste, good red(dish) run for dad and lad to go mad on.

    Wait till you see the pics on my blog tomorrow night!

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