We Are One

We’re busy watching what is billed as “WE ARE ONE: THE OBAMA INAUGURAL CELEBRATION AT THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL” on HBO in HD (decoded broadcast for the event). Well, some of us are, it’s all a little too “God Bless America” for me at the moment.


Zosia has been given a late pass for the event. She just said “Daddy. You know when I said that [old address] was better?”. “Yes.”, I said. “Well, now [new address] is better!”. “Oh, why is that?”, I said. “Because the TV is on the wall!”, she replied. To be fair, she did have a few other reasons too, when prompted.

I’m actually surprised at how good her memory is nowadays, that she can recall having said that and now wished to revise it. It was at least a month ago. Very impressive!

It’s nice to live in a world where some people are easily pleased.

Update: Obama and family are bopping to Stevie Wonder while Joe Biden is looking very much like this is not really his scene. There’s somebody called Usher singing with Stevie and Shakira, never heard of the guy! Stevie’s put on about 1,200 kilo since I saw him in concert in September 1980 at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Just realised how momentous Obama’s presidency is. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been older than the President of the USA. Holy shit!


12 thoughts on “We Are One

  1. Help! We are overrun. You can’t even find an illegal place to park in my neighborhood. The metro is clogged with people who are clueless (don’t stand to the right on escalators, wait until they reach the turnstile to look for their tickets as if it is a sudden surprise they have to pay…)

    I am happy to report, however, that the concentration of big hair to be seen in the streets is far lower than for the Bush inauguration.

    Material Girl – apparently the euphoria has not reached your part of Poland. We could be inaugurating a bucket of cement tomorrow and we would still be happy to finally see the end of Bush.

  2. DC,

    reached, reached. My American friends wrote me, that they are praying for their new president. :)
    I happily ;) am not American* (and can’t find in myself a drop of american blood (probably there have to be Indian, although in my childhood we played very often Indians and the one of the main books that times were polish books of Indians written for youngmen and as the youngest of whole group/tribe I had to usually sat in tipi or prison (just to not hang around the “olders” 3-5 years legs). ;)
    *So I can look with “free eyes”.
    I wish good to Obama (why should I wish him bad?), but I prefered wait for the results of his work to make “hurra optimism”.

  3. Yes, yes of course you are right. Just allow us a little joy to finally not be embarrassed about our President.

    I’m not exactly sure why, but the image of you stuck in a Polish teepee makes me laugh!

  4. That’s naturally wise move all those shows and performances which are made with Obama. There were reference to history and emphasize “I’am the mixture like whole America”.Even the fete is good to bring more optimism in your hearts. There’s always better to defeat the problems and adversities with inner smile.

    Yeah. What connected me most with Indians was my feeling of freedom. From appearance – mainly my 2 pigs tails. :) I was probably one of the first white Indian (in those part of Europe).
    Teepee was naturally made from rogalka (wood connected to dry hay into triangle shape) and blanket, so it was very ecological. ;)

    Let the Great Spirit protects all the right Americans.

  5. Seems as if “Our town”(DC)is turning into “Motown”. Hope that won’t be the case down the road. We have serious business to take care of instead of turning DC into the new Hollywood. I’m just wondering if this is all genuine or if if is everyone wanting their 15 minutes on the bandwagon. Since Obama is not yet sworn in I’ll wait for my decision of how good he is in say 6 months to a year. So far the only change is White to Black. I did not vote for Obamama but he seems personable….don’t feel the same about Michelle. Her first impression was not a good one with me with her remarks and attitude about Americans in the campaign. Remember she is more Black than he is. And with that her attitude as opposed to his. But time will tell. One thing that bothers me is his emulation on of Lincloln. We know how that story ended. I really hope history doesn’t repeat itself. That would be tragic.

  6. Scatts,

    tell your daughter a lot of good fairy tales (or made some theatre) – it’s really helps in sickness (I know it from my own experience). After all I’m sure she is your princess – am I true? :) My dad told me f.e. the story about the bunny and his aunt (he knew that I love animals). Only problem with his stories was, that he usually slept before me and I have to kick him to tell me more or (when he was not lazy, but just very tired) I have to imagine myself the future adventures. Unfortunately that story was “never ending story”.

    Lot of invention to your imagination!

  7. MG –

    That’s reminds me – if you see Polish children today playing Indians, you can decide if you wish to bring them into the present: they should be running casinos, and selling tax-free cigarettes. Heh heh.


  8. Dave DC*man,

    Today, polish children play stupid games on playstation, what practice only some fingers, so they are/will be fat. My goddaughter (teenager) has thicker thigh than I!!! But she is better in computers and sells a lot on allegro.
    The children should learn how to fight the crisis! :)

    P.S. DC=Dakota Cheyenne. ;) :D

  9. And what about Obama – if I remember John Lennon said, that “woman is a Negro of this world”. When Obama won with Hillary C. (although I don’t adore her at all) I said – nothing changed. There’s still better to be man, than the woman.

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