Impromptu Łódz visit

We had some time on our hands yesterday afternoon and were looking for something to do without spending much (January’s a tough month!). We decided to catch a film, in Łódz.

The chariot was prepared and parked ready for her majesty to slip easily out of the door and into the car thus avoiding the usual throng of paparazzi !

Considering it is probably seven years or more since we were last in Łódz, I have to claim no surprise in stating that with the exception of perhaps 5km of new road, the route of circa 150 km has changed not one little bit. I lie, I think the ruts in the old Poznan road have got deeper. They are now so deep you don’t need to keep your hands on the wheel because it just follows the ruts and overtaking is a bit like manoeuvring a small rowing boat against massive Atlantic deep-ocean waves. ViaMichelin suggests the journey takes 2hrs 43mins but on the way back we did it in 2hrs 09mins and we were not pushing it, probably went over 120km/hr twice in the whole journey.

There were signs of accidents all over the place but the best one was just before the shot below was taken. There was a very long queue at one point where one of the small sections of new road met the main truck route, I forget the details of where we were. The sat-nav showed that there was an easy route to avoid this queue so I took it. It was a small road, as you can see, doing an L shape and running through a tiny village. The temperature was -10 and the road was slippery. What did we find at the only bend (90 degree) in this road – you guessed it – a pillock in a ditch! Yes, Mr Nutter in his Toyota had obviously been going just a shade too fast and finding himself lacking the skills of a world class rally driver and a Subaru works rally car had ended up sliding straight into a rather deep ditch nose first! The whole village were out, including their 75 year old tractor in an attempt to pull the moron out.

We got to Łódz and headed for the place we’ve not seen and where a cinema might be found, the Manufaktura shopping centre.

Have to say this place was a big disappointment. I imagine it was, and is, big news in Łódz but I’d rather go to Arkadia which is about 145km nearer home! We found the cinema and bought tickets for the The Visitor and then went to visit the museum while waiting for the film to start. This shopping centre is built in and amongst the remains of a massive old textile mill that was originally developed by a Jewish industrialist called Poznański in the late 19th century.

After the movie, we ate at a Jewish style restaurant – just to keep in tune with the surroundings – and then went home. The film was one of those that are often loved by ladies and hated by men. Watching paint dry would be very slightly less interesting although my wife managed to bring tears to her eyes a few times, so she said. Anyway, seriously lacking in sex, violence, special effects, explosions, James Bond, fantasy and all that good movie stuff. The main problem I had with it was that I struggled to sympathise with the guy who was deported; firstly because he was illegally in the USA anyway (albeit not entirely his fault) but more so because he was being deported back to Syria, which is not the hell-on-earth the tone of the film would have you believe.

The food was average.

I expect it will be at least another seven years before we venture back without a good reason to do so.

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