Starting to look like winter

The temperatures have been dropping, currently around minus 7C and we’ve had some half-decent snow falling as well. It depends which forecast you look at as to whether it will continue or not but we will at least have ourselves a winter weekend.

A snowy driveway scene.

The gardeners here have a life consisting of clearing either snow, leaves or grass!

The birds may appreciate the food a little more on days like this.


7 thoughts on “Starting to look like winter

  1. How effective are those snow-blower things – our one’s like a hair drier on wheels. Complete waste of money. Best thing for our drive is a w-i-d-e shovel and plenty of elbow grease.

    I doubt it will really get to -20C tomorrow. I’d go for -8C daytime high. COAMPS lies.

  2. Wow I just missed snow in Warsaw. Are these pictures from your fav park or what? Stay way and thanks again for being such a good host. You left me with a lot to think about when it comes to Poland.

  3. Pictures are taken from the door of our apartment.

    This morning (Sunday 08:45) we’ve got 8cm of snow but positive 0.4 temp. Got a long way to go if we’re going to have -20!

    They seem to like the hair drier, Michael, although they say it is best when you’ve got a good amount of snow. They also have the w-i-d-e shovels, something I need to buy for ourselves today. I’ll try to establish what make their hair drier is in case you want to buy a better one.

    EDIT – an hour later and we’re down to -1.5C

  4. Hi Kerry!

    Yes, but perhaps not as ‘urgently’ as one might in the UK. Very popular is to get the sleigh or skis out or just mess around in the snow.

    Down to -11C on the way to work today! Brrrr.

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