Four hours sleep!

I don’t know about you but we invited a few friends round to our place and had a party for New Year. The 16 adults would have been enough of a mess but the 10 kids aged between 2-6 really made sure the place was a mad-house from eight until after midnight. We provided venue, booze, music and fireworks and they brought food. Trouble is that every couple brought enough food for 16, so we ended up with food for 128 including live curry-cooking demonstrations! It was all delicious though soi there wasn’t too much left at 05:00.

The sight of five over-excited boys playing pirates with hard plastic swords inches from my brand new LCD TV screen did turn me into Mr Party-Pooper for an hour or so but I eventually managed to take the swords away without mass hysteria breaking out and then relax. As the hours went by the kids got tired and emotional and switched from running around like lunatics to watching Johnny Depp’s Chocolate Factory and leaving a few kilos of breadcrumbs in our bed!

They made it through to midnight spurred on by the anticipation of my pyrotechnic display but crashed pretty soon afterwards.

There’s something very nice about sleeping children! Problem is they don’t stay that way for long. After finally getting to bed at dawn, Zosia was waking me up again at 09:00 this morning. Late for her but way too early for me! So, today is going to be a slow one, hopefully involving a nice hot bath to bring life back to my legs and feet and a family film cuddled up on the sofa, Narnia Prince Caspian I think. Assuming I can find the damned thing in this rearranged tip of an apartment. :)

How was your New Year celebration?


5 thoughts on “Four hours sleep!

  1. I was reading “Mort” in honor of Sir Terry and Mr. was watching Gundam on youtube. At midnight we were supposed to share a bottle of whatever alcohol we had in the fridge, but we forgot.
    It was way below minus 10C last night and we didn’t feel like going outside to watch the fireworks. The people doing the fireworks apparently had the same feeling.
    We woke up at 1PM today.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for a fantastic evening! We all had a great time. Everyone here is now fast asleep; Lucy on the couch and the boys in bed – the usual sign of a good party the night before…

    Sorry about the breadcrumbs! :) I did see what they were doing, but it was WAY too late to do anything about it. Unfortunately it is Alex who has been caught red-handed on the photo!!

  3. Anna, a nice relaxed evening although the -10 sounds a bit nippy. We’ve had -4.5 here today and that was bad enough!

    Mike, yes, please apologise to Alex. He was the best behaved kid by far, along with his brother so I can forgive a few crumbs. By the way, pass my thanks on to your good lady because I’m slightly addicted to her mince pie cake!

  4. I watched comedy on TV, and fell asleep before the end of Shrek 2 (good thing I know how it ends). No fireworks here – when I got up at 2am to go to work it was -25C and I cursed the whole 2 hours I was out.

    Now, ready to face the year ahead. Well, after I get my coffee.

    Happy 2009, to you.

  5. Sounds like amazing beginning of the New Year!
    We had a party as well with a couple at the beginning. After New Year’s we decided to make a sudden demolition to our friend’s party. They hosted a couple as well, and we ended up dancing until 4 o’clock in the morning, 8 people plus two woken up kids, and luckily for us, none of these was ours!

    Happy New Year!

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