Here comes the tooth fairy!

Today Zosia finally managed to dislodge the first tooth. She’s very excited by the whole thing! It seems a little strange to me, a person interested in holding onto my teeth as long as possible, to look upon the unbridled joy Zosia can display at having lost one. She genuinely sees this as a step in the right direction and I suppose it is. There’s a fair amount of peer pressure as well from playschool, to see who can lose the most teeth the fastest.

These shots taken within a few minutes of it coming out. Sorry about the blood!

Coming soon, something altogether less bloody – “Nelson – the bidet series!”


4 thoughts on “Here comes the tooth fairy!

  1. As we heard from ACDC: Dental deeds done to teeth! (But Come Back to Pterin: There’s no Tooth Fairy, the main one’s the Bogey Man, boohoo.)

  2. Wow where has the time gone. Zosia is growing up so fast. So what is the going rate for front tooth in Poland from the Tooth Fairy. I think it was a quarter under my pillow.

    Do I see you have a new kitty. We have one too. My sister got a Siamese at Christmas. Her cat seems to like sleeping on her laptop. Happy New Year to you and the family.

  3. I see you say “managed to dislodge” not fell out…. see was working it for sure during my visit… what does a tooth fairy pay these days for a first tooth?

  4. Our one paid 5 PLN and a “Little Pet Shop” toy. However, rumour has it that this fairy does not visit for every tooth, just the first one!

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