I declare this tree – open!

The tree has been there since last weekend but we only dressed it the other day and have been waiting since for a new set of lights as the old ones went all dead on us. So, after a trip to Castorama, we are now open for business on the tree front! The Castorama guy was kind of scary. He was asking me if he could help and was indeed very helpful but he was so ‘enthusiastic’ he might as well have been asking me if I wanted to go outside and sort this out! Is there an illness that makes people “dangerously helpful”?

Zosia adding the finishing touches.

It always pays to have some spare room so you can plonk a bloody great tree down and still move around it!


2 thoughts on “I declare this tree – open!

  1. Oy!

    Just because you guys prefer to fell a 500 year old Canadian Redwood every year don’t start moaning about my “normal” family sized effort!

    It’s at least 1.8m high and must be 1.5m or more across at the base. Who needs more than that eh? ;)

    Same to you, love, kisses and stuff – I,M,Z & N

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