Christmas – Bah humbug!

Looks like its finally arrived then, eh?

The lights are on, the traffic is utter doggy-do, the open lesson has been at the ballet school, the Christmas play at the play-school, presents are bought and wrapped (except a few I have to get tomorrow! Oops!), turkey is ordered, tree is up and dressed, TV programmes have gone all weird…………

No snow. Of course. I suppose there’s an outside chance of a drizzle over the holiday days but looks more like being our 6th Christmas with soggy green grass as a view.

Still, we’ve got a few days off work and we get to spend some “quality” time with the extended family. Got a few family style DVDs lined up to fill the gaps.

Quality time with the extended family – is that an oxymoron or what! Most folks I’ve talked to are dreading it. The arguments, the stress, the boredom…..why do we all do it, eh? To make matters worse, we even have to dress nice while we do it!

It’s at times like Christmas and Easter that I wish I could find it within myself to get all spiritual. At least then it would add some higher purpose to all the buggering around!

Christ! Let’s get this over with eh and roll on to a recessed 2009!

Where’s that box of Nurofen Ultra-Hyper-Max! :)


4 thoughts on “Christmas – Bah humbug!

  1. well, to be honest, this is as stressing and boring as unique! I dont like too many people at my home, but having them all around us – it is magic! My dauther asked us: is babcia Lusia coming? and we said: yes she is. then she said: it is a pitty that babcia Zosia is not coming. we said: she is coming as well -and my children are extremally happy!
    to give you an example -try to go on holidays without your daughter -it is so much easier, but helpless and meaningless, isn’t it?
    the same with folks – it is annoying but Chrismasal ;) at the same time!
    at least I have to think so! ;))))

  2. Yes, but for Scatts it must be pretty tough to deal with 2 women an two babcias… ;)

    Women have it much easier, they always find something to talk about. And men are usually bored to death.

  3. I was surprised not to be assailed by Santas, Rudolfs or any other accoutrements of Xmas when popping into the Scottish Restaurant today. Just some subdued strings of little white lights under the counter, and no Xmas menu. A nice respite from it all.

    The only escape is a long walk. Let’s hope the weather holds up.

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