Bad kichi habits!

We’ve had four cats; Kacper the Persian and Tygrys the street cat lived together for a while, here they are

Since then we’ve had two British cats, Winston;

and now Nelson;

Early observations are that Nelson is not like Winston at all, except in terms of breeding. His behaviour is completely different and reminds me a lot of Tygrys. Kacper was a real softy although he used this to disguise his destructive tendencies. He was the worst ever in terms of destroying soft furnishings and peeing on everything and yet pretended that he was good as gold. He taught Tygrys a few bad habits but Tygrys was generally better behaved when it came to toilet discipline. Both of the British cats have been angels when it comes to toilets, show them once and that’s it, everything goes in the right place. That’s where the similarities end though. Winston was generally a quiet and well mannered cat, whereas Nelson is a nutter! Nelson eats like a horse and when he’s stocked up on energy he runs around the place like charging rhinoceros doing his best to get into more trouble than a half-pint kitten is entitled to.

What reminds me the most of Tygrys though is his night time habits. Three things to be precise; sleeping as close to my head as possible, drinking the water from glass by my bedside table and attacking anything that moves under the duvet – usually my feet! He excelled this morning by getting his head stuck in my water glass and then tipping the whole thing off the table. It was just his way of saying “time to get up!”. Grrrr.

All this cat talk might be giving the wrong impression because I’m a dog man really. We were round at friends last evening and I was playing with their dog, Pola.

That’s probably why Nelson had the hump this morning.


4 thoughts on “Bad kichi habits!

  1. heh, I told you he was Greebo reincarnated, didn’t I?

    But still, count your blessings. One of my cats only eats when he’s fed by hand, one crunchy pellet at a time. Needless to say, finding a cat sitter willing to do that is close to impossible.

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