The smell of old pierogi

We had our company’s Christmas bash last night. Given the inclement market conditions we scaled down quite considerably to the point that we all gathered in the large reception area and did drinks, food, music as well as the obligatory presentation of how we did in 2008.

This morning I wandered over to our kitchen/coffee area and was greeted by the smell of warmed-up pierogi. All the left-over food from the party – pasta with mushroom sauce, pierogi, salads – had been saved in the fridge and was now being devoured by the staff as their “second breakfast”.

The smell of the food and the sight of all these people enjoying themselves over warmed up left-overs struck me as being very Polish and very nice. One of those silly things that makes you realise why you’re still here.

A little later in the day we had cakes as the usual celebration of someone’s birthday.


2 thoughts on “The smell of old pierogi

  1. Yes, I agree. But I rather enjoyed sitting amongst the Poles eating left-overs for breakfast – the cold mushroom pasta bought back memories of my student days!

    Christmas party on a Wednesday night…no surprise that everyone was in the office for 9 this morning then! Last year a few turned up as late as 2pm! The sign of a true Christmas party!!

  2. In my job was śp. pan Tadzio. He warm up his second dishes: sausages, scrumbled eggs, pierogis and so on.

    It’s smelled not very proper to the customer, but happily nobody complained. & this is to today some of anecdotes telling/racontez to the new staff. :)

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