Anyone for a take-away?


7 thoughts on “Anyone for a take-away?

  1. Nelson,

    In this bag he looks a little bit like in the ship. And his ears stick out like a horns of the admiral cap (in polish admiralski piróg, don’t mix up with pierogi). :) ;)
    Did he find his Emma, or not yet? ;) (Too young to feel call of the nature) ;)

  2. Yellerbelly,

    I thought about the hat admirals use to had in previous centuries on their heads. (admiral hat = piróg admiralski)

    and pierogi = dumplings!

    So, this was a joke!

    In Poland everything is eaten with potatoes, don’t you know about it? :)

  3. Sorry MaterialGirl – I missed that one. But you live and learn.

    I was referring to a Chinese takeaway menu in the UK when you always order rice or chips with your main dish. We have a joke in the UK: “What’s the difference between 4, 7, 16, 22, 25, 38 and 39?”. Answer: 22 – all the others come with rice. The enjoyment comes from watching the other person dither on about prime numbers and trying to find complex mathematical equations, when they just don’t exist. :)

    It’s fun when you have to explain your jokes to each other ;)

  4. Yellerbelly,

    yes, I perfectly know this pain when somebody tells a joke & nobody understands it or when you are from the different culture or generation* you don’t understand some topics or saying (powiedzonka). Or when you doing something what is wrong or bad welcome in this land. (I remember 1 Englishman who take out his tooth (false) to make a little show & fun & these all young polish girls who were laughing (not very sincerely), but in silence whispered “disgusting!”. :)

    But when you are president of something, or head or well known person everybody laughs even they don’t understand your joke or think “that’s stupid”.

    There’s a joke:
    The boss is telling stupid joke. Everybody smiles and laughs, only Kowalski doesn’t. Boss is asking Kowalski: “Why don’t you laugh?”. Because I don’t want & have to do it, tomorrow I’m throwing this job & go away! ;)

    P.S. For example my generation is for example generation who instead brush the teeth with orange toothpaste taste had eaten this paste! :) It was delicious!
    That shows how much we wanted oranges, which we had seen only for Christmas.

    I wish you Merry Cristmas and plenty of reasons to laugh in 2009 year!

    I’m going for hollyday today evening! 2 weeks free. Whole fortnight!
    Hurra hurra die Ferien sind da! ;)
    German, but I think understandable. :)

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