Four days off – whoopee!

We left the empty water bottles out but they never came. That’s the second no-show this week. Do they want business or not?

On arrival at the dentist I’m told I’m not in their book. I explained that they ARE in my blackberry and they wouldn’t have got there without me thinking they had put me in their book. The lady who was in their book looked smug as she walked past me. I tried to visualise the drill slipping. I’m now in their book for Jan 6th. New year, new teeth.

In an attempt to get the hard part of Christmas over and done with early, I’ve got Mon/Tues off and hope to deal with all that ‘stuff’ that needs doing.  It’s a long list.

Might be three new and exciting things coming to our abode over the four days;

1/ New cat! Whoo Hoo. British blue (shorthair) but lilac colour, not the slate blue. Being kept on tenterhooks by the seller though as the kittens were a bit upset by last inoculation and have vet visit tomorrow. Plan is to collect on Sunday. Been waiting since April 23rd 2007, which is when the chap below was put to sleep after incurable illness.

2/ New TV! Ha Ho. Finally the 46″ plasma fantasia arrives. Aiming for a Sony Bravia 46Z4500 which as far as I can see is over 2,500 PLN cheaper if bought from internet sklep than if bought from Sony shop. Why do they even bother? Not sure how long the wait is though. Been waiting a looooong time for models to come and go and prices to mainly just go!

3/ Dining chairs! Tra La Lee. Six of them have finally made it from Italy to Red Onion and will be here on Monday. They’re a kind of transparent plastic with a slight blue/grey shade, high back, chrome legs. Zobaczymy jak wygladasz i whether they are miły sitting albo nie. Wiesz? Been waiting 8 weeks.

Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can,
Seldom in a woman,
Never in a man.


6 thoughts on “Four days off – whoopee!

  1. Early morning…
    I saw the kitten :) who lost its mittens and…
    How can I work (still 1hour!)? :(

    When I sing an inner song?

    Kici kici ya ya, da da
    moko schoko czekolada

    Because I can’t with whole throat sing to customer:

    -Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?!!!

    ;) hahaha


    To, że Ciebie kuszę to ja, tak mam!
    To, że Ciebie kuszę, to gra. :)))


  2. Oh, I love these cats. My Polish teacher has one and everyone’s in love with it :). But I’m a big cat fan and I could write books about them, so I’ll stop here ;).

  3. We’re picking it up in about 3 hours! It has no name yet, we want to see his character first. All the bits and bobs were purchased earlier today so we’re all set and looking forward to it.

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