Street life

I went downstairs at work yesterday, for the usual reason I might do that. Firstly I find I’m mesmerized by the new parking sign for ZT underground which now not only tells you that spaces are free (which is a lie, it’s 4pln per hour!) but also tells you how many spaces are free. In a five minute period it fluctuated between 731 and 729.

Then, to cap off an eventful stroll I’m harranged by a guy speaking very funky and fast Polish and holding both hands out to show me a 50 pln note and a handful of change. I managed to establish that he is 25 pln short of a train ticket to Krakow and that he’s expecting me to do something about that. Avoiding the obvious reply of telling him that he already has enough for a bus ticket to Krakow, I give him 1.50 instead and he goes off to harrang everyone else on the street with a roughly 50% success rate. Are all people from Krakow like this, I wonder? Do many people travel to Warsaw without enough money to get back home?

When the time comes for my next subscription payment to “The Spectator”, I’m going to try the same. After all, times are hard so I think executive begging is going to really take off. Why restrict it to people who live in Krakow and speak funny?

“Excuse me, I’m 56 pounds short of a magazine subscription and I’m expecting you to help me with that!”. Half a day should be enough.

6 thoughts on “Street life

  1. I haven’t met that kind of begger yet, but I tend to run into guys who are freshly out of prison and have problems with getting money for sth to eat. I don’t really believe those guys, they’re the new kind of beggers – people are less reluctant to give money to someone who looks “normal” and needs only few zlotys to buy sth, for example a ticket home.
    I never give money to such people, maybe some of them are honest, but I don’t believe any beggar, they oftenly work for the mob. But when a bunch of smiling students raise a “fund to fight hangover”, I give them a zloty – they’re obviously students and we need to keep together :P

  2. wolne means vacant not free – unless of course the sign was in English. NO need to add boring to your list as I’m sure my comment ticks that requirement.

  3. I was in Hel ;) few years ago. It was sunny warm weekend. Student were collecting money for ” staying in Hel”. After weekend, it started to heavily rain (typical for polish seaside). Students just changed their collecting note for “collection for leaving Hell”. At last it was all true ;)

  4. Scatts will never learn it. How can he still give money to them.? I do not get it.

    You have to know that beggers make LOTS of money. And this is not a joke.

  5. You’re right guest. I know. Sometimes I just can’t help myself – especially when I have knife at my throat! No, sorry, that’s Nottingham not Warsaw. ;)

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