Stomach fat

It might be that I’m getting paranoid but I know that web advertisers are getting cleverer by the week. Recently, whenever I visit certain web pages, for example the Telegraph newspaper, I’m faced with one or more adverts suggesting I might like to reduce my stomach fat. It is happening with annoying regularity. Is this a coincidence or have they gained access to data that suggests my stomach is too fat?

Spyware in my bathroom scales perhaps. Access to those Makro statements that always seem to include a wholesale box of Kit-Kats? Some clever way of concluding from the websites I visit regularly that I am obese?

We need to know just how much of the content we see has been ‘genetically modified’ to be targeted directly at me. Am I seeing things that my neighbour is not?

I wonder is it going to very long before we are given access to allow us to change our own ‘profiles’ as held by the kind of people we don’t want to have such profiles in the first place! (marketing folk and such-like)


7 thoughts on “Stomach fat

  1. give us the exact link to the websites. If we see the same adverts then everything should be OK. And if not… then you should check your bathroom. ;)

  2. I do use firefox and have adblock installed but these adobe flash player ads are a problem because the same flash player is also used for a few useful things, not just ads.

  3. I get the stomach fat adverts too. And the ‘pink patch’: a pink plaster like a nicotine patch, stuck onto the hipbone of some skinny girl. Oh yes and diet pills.

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