Modern-day fables – “The Duck That Couldn’t Fly”


President stuck in Mongolia after receiving doctorate

President Lech Kaczyński, scheduled to be in Japan, is stuck in Mongolia as his plane froze over on the runway at Ulan Bator airport. The head of the President’s Office announced that the visit continues with only a slight delay as the President has hired a Mongolian plane to take him to Japan, leaving the Polish government plane in Mongolia to defrost after temperatures of -10 degrees Celcius at night. The President perhaps was able to spend time in the waiting room admiring the honorary doctorate he received from the National University of Mongolia in Ulan Bator. He may well have entered into the spirit of the event and donned the traditional yellow and blue gown he also received (Gazeta Wyborcza, p. 4; Fakt, p. 4, 5; Rzeczpospolita, p. A11)

We’ll skip wondering what kind of doctorate the Mongolians are bestowing on El Prezidenski and go straight to wondering how someone with such avian connections can possibly be so unlucky with airplanes? Wasn’t too long ago he couldn’t find a plane to take him to Brussels! :-)

Meeeeanwhile, at stately Duuuuck Manor…….

PiS boycott Palikot’s commission

Law and Justice (PiS) declared that they will not participate in the “Friendly State” Sejm commission led by PO deputy Janusz Palikot. This way the opposition party wants to boycott the PO deputy who openly criticizes the President. They said that they will rejoin the commission as soon as Palikot is no longer its head. (Rzeczpospolita, p. A5)

Am I right in thinking that Palikot is openly gay, or at least homo-friendly? Am I also right in remembering that either Romulus or Remus has a Tinky Winky phobia? Am I putting two and two together and making five?


15 thoughts on “Modern-day fables – “The Duck That Couldn’t Fly”

  1. Isn’t Jaroslaw (that would be Remus) rumored to be a closet gay? A 60 year old man who lives with his mother and cat? That is even beyond Italian standards. And mind you, self-hating is a an important aspect of Polish culture. I really feel bad for gays in Poland….even if one of them is a Duck…

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  3. You ask the strangest questions. I never thought about Palikot’s preferences, but I think that his comments about the president and his party are enough to bring on him the present infamy. One really doesn’t need to be gay to vex PiS. Palikot is a kind of PO’s jester.

    Quotes from Wiki:

    1. In April 2007 during a PO press conference, Palikot wore a t-shirt with “I am from the SLD” (“Jestem z SLD”) on the front and “I am gay” (“Jestem gejem”) on the back. He later stated that he wanted to highlight the role PO should play in contemporary politics – as defenders of minorities.

    2. A few days later on 24 April 2007 he produced a gun and a vibrator at a press conference called to discuss the case of some police officers from Lublin, accused of rape. He explained that the objects were in his opinion modern symbols of law and justice in Poland, as well as representing Lublin’s police.

    3. On 23 July 2008 Palikot said in an interview “I consider the President to be an oaf” (“Uważam prezydenta za chama”), an illegal act under Poland’s anti-defamation laws. The country’s chief prosecutor has opened an investigation into the event and Palikot faces up to 3 years in prison.

    Ad. 1. I don’t think that a gay person from PO would be so ready to equate gays with SLD. Even if SLD is supposed to be Poland’s left they are post-communists in the Polish mind. However, what Palikot did, was rather equating SLD with gays. It’s just a multi-stab at everyone. SLD can’t protest saying that they’re not gays, or they’ll come off as prejudiced, PO came off as not gay to those who don’t like gays since they’re not SLD either, and yet they advertised as tolerant, as opposed to PiS. Gays can’t protest because all Palikot said is that PO should protect them. It’s the way our communist era sense of humour operated, only the elements changed.

    Ad. 2. “law and justice” is of course Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS)

    Ad. 3. Chances are he’ll get away with it because of the wording. It’s rather an opinion than an insult.

    Tusk says he’s not responsible for Palikot’s words.

    Of course the problem is that Palikot’s parliamentary activity is the “Friendly State” commission that will be blocked by Kaczyński because he doesn’t like Palikot. It’s, in my humble opinion, a very clever move on Tusk’s part.

    When PiS entered into the coalition with LPR and Self-Defence Kaczyński hoped to ruin them by giving them positions where they’d be most likely to disgrace themselves. So Lepper got the Ministry of Agriculture, when his supporters were mostly farmers, while it was obvious he couldn’t do for them any of those things he always told them to demand, because all his points were customarily utopian. And Giertych got the Ministry of Education, where, with his views, he was doomed to failure. (Personally I’m thankful to Kaczyński for that! He awoke in young people the need to have their say in politics and vote.) Kaczyński hoped that once those two became political bankrupts he’d grab their voters. What he didn’t understand was that the ways of his own government would speak against him, no matter who was from which party. His own behaviour didn’t help him either. So he ruined them as planned, but he also hurt himself in the process. Although more people voted for PiS than in the previous elections, even more went to vote for PO simply to get rid off PiS.

    Tusk did an opposite thing. He has normal ministers, and he doesn’t say anything ugly about his opponents, he has Palikot to do that for him, and Palikot is not a minister. At the same time, Palikot keeps insulting Kaczyński, who can’t help himself but show some resentment, so he blocks Palikot’s reforms. But those reforms are what everyone is waiting for, so every time Kaczyński blocks them he hurts himself. Tusk wins either way.

    Kaczyński is in an impasse, because he can’t let himself be continuously insulted by Palikot, and yet he can’t block all of the reforms either. His move then is to have Palikot go, or all his people will. It’s again a stupid decision. Neither Tusk nor Palikot need PiS people in the commission, so they can go, and Tusk will name his own people in their place. If Kaczyński didn’t behave like such a silly brat he’d rather pass the reforms, asking for minor corrections at most, emphasising that it’s thanks to the commission’s PiS members that they were prepared up to his expectations and for the good of all citizens, but then it’s unlikely he’ll ever understand what it means to be a president.

    Good pic! I think Kaczyński will be remembered as Lech the Troubled.

  4. Chris Moyles apologises for ‘unintentional offence’ after suggesting Poles make good prostitutes.

    htt p://

  5. Well that’s a little out of proportion, isn’t it? Even if he did directly state that Poles make good prostitutes, I’d say it’s more of a flattery than offense.

  6. Thanks, Scatts and Bob!

    Scatts: Surely we must have prizes for such commitment………

    Ha! What do I get? The Holy Grail? Ł100 gift check to Amazon? Or a tour of Warsaw sewers? Hmmm…

  7. Tomek: Well that’s a little out of proportion, isn’t it? Even if he did directly state that Poles make good prostitutes, I’d say it’s more of a flattery than offense.

    I think you should take under consideration a difference between cultures and languages. Granted, if a Polish man said in Polish that Polish women are the best prostitutes I would have nothing against it. It would be a kind of flattery, meaning that of all prostitutes he ever met Polish were the best ones, but leaving out people of other professions.

    From an English man I find both “if you’re Polish you’re just very good at ironing” and “Poles make good prostitutes” equally offensive. It pretty much means that Poles are a nation to provide ironing and sexual services to English people.

  8. Sylwia – you win an invitation and a free beer ‘with the guys’ since you are clearly ‘one of the guys’.

    Scatts – what do you think? Perhaps we should get the band back together before the holidays and have a glass (or 2) of holiday cheer?

  9. We should probably meet closer to the center this time; Konstancin is the end of the earth for you, scatts. I just read of a 24 hour ‘American’ style place – “Restaurant City Grill & Bar 24” Might be fun to give it a try. (Al Jerozolimskie 6)

    Chris is in the UK and will be back Monday so I’ll see what his schedule is like – perhaps Monday night I’ll post some optional dates

    Sylwia – since you will be getting free beers for your writing and reasoning ability – what is your schedule like over the next say, 2 weeks?

  10. I’m afraid life’s not so easy. I made a family interview, and, combined with the things I’m supposed to do in the near future, there’s no way I could meet before Christmas. How about the less stressful January?

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