Złota 44 – “Getting jiggy with it”

Some shots of Złota 44 from yesterday.


They are up to the eighth floor level and things are starting to get weird with a large cantilevered lump hanging out the back end.


This lump is joined by a rather strangely angled beam snaking across the eighth floor-plate (no photo). Up ’till now the construction has just been a stack of regularly shaped rectangular pancakes one on top of the other so it’s nice to see something new coming along.

I wondered some time ago about whether the developer can keep going with this project. Lets face it, the signs are not good – funding is difficult and the prices of super-luxury apartments have taken a nose-dive so the economics for the project must look very different now to when it was dreamt up and funded originally. Anyway, all I can say is that for the first time this week I’ve had two other people suggesting the same thing, but in stronger terms.

If it is going to stop, and I really don’t want it to, it would be great if they could stop soon so as not to leave us with a view onto an empty concrete shell for [period of time].


3 thoughts on “Złota 44 – “Getting jiggy with it”

  1. Scatts, do not panic, everything is fine.

    “2.12.Warszawa (PAP) – ING raised the recommendation for Orco to “buy” from “hold”- Bloomberg agency reported.”

    They will not stop it. ;)

    Here you can see how beutyful this tower really is.

    htt p://www.michau.se/pics/my_pics/warszawa/2007/070224_wystawa_msn/070224_wystawa_msn_5832.jpg

    htt p://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a212/ringu-pl/070224_wystawa_msn_6204-1.jpg

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