Blog-meet gone wonky!

There we all were, or weren’t, in TGI Friday’s this afternoon! :)

Not a disaster by any means as we did manage to gather three superstars of the blogosphere as well as one wife, one daughter, one significant other and a lot of empty glasses but there were a significant number missing. The bloggers were Expateek, Island1 and myself. The others were in some way related to the bloggers and the empty glasses belonged to TGI’s.

I think the lessons to be learned when organising a blog-meet are;

1/ Don’t cancel it and then change your mind again.
2/ Don’t forget to tell people about it or about the change of venue
3/ Don’t go ‘off the radar’ by crashing your mail at critical times
4/ Give people plenty of notice
5/ Offer incentives to turn up – money, free food, cute cuddly toys

Fingers will not be pointed. We’re not bean-spilling kind of people but no females were guilty and neither was I, well, except for the change of venue.

So. Onwards and upwards. We’ve tested the system and it works, it is possible to put three bloggers together without any need to have buckets of water on standby in the event of a bout of spontaneous combustion. The next meeting has been set for February 7th, 2009 at a Warsaw venue to be announced nearer the time. We are able to give such loooooooong notice because Expateek was there and before Island and I could mumble “I suppose we’ll have to do it again then”, she’d whipped out an efficient looking filofaxy whatsit and set the date for us! She’s since been appointed honorary secretary of the Warsaw Bloggers Association.

February, dude. Be there or be rectangular!


21 thoughts on “Blog-meet gone wonky!

  1. Ha ha! I’ll have to change my name to IAMBOSSY — oh wait, that’s already taken!

    Great to see you all. The others will be sick with envy when they realise what they’ve missed!

  2. Yes apologies – I was out and about and didn’t get back in time for the 4pm showing. I will make more of an effort for the 17th. Hope fun was had by all.

    So was that all you did? Set the date for the next meet and buggered off home?!

  3. The 7th is fine by me.

    Change in date duly noted by The Secretary. Venue discussion tabled until later date.

    Minutes to be revised and republished … uhhh… tomorrow maybe. Or the day after. Or ummm… Yeah.

  4. And c’mon island1, Poland is not all that big. Warsaw, Gdansk? By other countries standards they’re practically next door to each other. ;)

  5. The advertising campaign is beginning to take shape:

    “Live at Sala Kongresowa, for one night only, starring the two best looking blog-ladies this side of Alaska………fresh from her tour of Japan……etc”

  6. “Live at Sala Kongresowa, for one night only, starring the THREE best looking blog-ladies this side of Alaska………fresh from their tours of Japan & Sevenoaks……etc” ;)

  7. Anna: Felt pretty big after I spent six hours on trains on the weekend. But good for you, most people aren’t willing to make the trip, hope you can come.

    7th Feb is fine for me.

  8. island1, I’ll be driving, me thinks. And need to visit MSZ to get an apostille, so it’s all in a day’s work. Or two. I’ll come in on Friday and make a whole weekend out of it. :)

  9. Will also add the 7th Feb to my calendar. Crikey – the year’s becoming a busy one already! What with this

    Scatts – you may have to post a reminder around the 1st I would say ;) Please.

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