First snow

A sort of winter has arrived in Warsaw at last. The BBC weather forecast is showing daytime temperatures of -1C with -4C at night and light snow showers for the next five days. The light snow arrived last night and this morning you can see the evidence;

Last year I recorded the first snow earlier, on November 12th, but it went on to be another feeble winter. I’d love to have a proper winter this year and early predictions were that it might be a good one. More recent comments suggest not. As a compromise, I’d settle for some deep snowfalls between December 20th and January 5th and nothing else, if anyone is listening!


5 thoughts on “First snow

  1. But it’s quite cold, it might be the beginning of a proper continental winter….at least – white Christmass pleease, I’ve been missing it for 4 years – can I have white, cold, proper Christmass then? :)

  2. Lucky you! My whole life I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas… which is impossible when you live in Peru as we are entering summer now.
    I love winter, I miss it a lot when summer enters the scene. So I guess it’ll be a lot of missing for me until mid-April.

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