Fun with English

There are so many funny moments these days with Zosia’s language that I forget to note them down but I’ve just this minute finished the bedtime routine and I managed to retain this for the 30 seconds required to get here and type.

We are currently working our way through the Disney Picture Dictionary. I know, not as much fun as Horrid Henry stories but she really enjoys these dictionaries and it is good to be teaching something at the same time as entertaining. The book is full of colourful characters like these guys from Monsters Inc.

We were on the letter ‘C’ and looking at a picture of Sulley (above) holding a large camera to take a photo, the word to guess was of course – “camera”. I asked her what she thought this word was and she answered “aparat”, which a commonly used Polish word for camera – aparat fotograficzny to be precise. She knows perfectly well what the word is in English because she sees me using one all the time and she’s asking for one for Christmas.

I ask her what the word is in English.

She answers – “motor bike”.

We both laugh a lot.


8 thoughts on “Fun with English

  1. And to add to the fun kamera in Polish means ‘movie camera’ as opposed to ‘stills camera’ LOL.

    I’ve been reading some of John Holts books recently and he remarks how children love to play with words and to play with trying things out in the Magritte manner just for a laugh. Love it!!

  2. Is is a cute story in deed. I always rememeber my friend teaching her son his bed time prayers and when he went to so the sign of the cross it was in the name of the father, son and “Holy Cow” Years later we still giggle over that one.

    It is great that you and Zosia are able to practice your language and Marta’s. I just read a most alarming article about the Jugendamt.

  3. Looks like quite a nice book. We had a pop-up ABC book which Alex quite enjoyed reading before bed with lots of pull out tabs. Benji got his hands on it and everything became “pop-out”. Alex kinda lost interest after this. Will keep my eye out for it.

    It’s a shame you can’t record these moments on film – problem is you’d have to be filming all the time.

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