Podwójnie Happy Anniversary!!

I missed one but not the other. Thankfully, I remembered the important one!


The one I forgot

Last week, the 20th October 2008 to be precise, would have been just another of those dreary Mondays had it not been for the completely unnoticed fact that it was the first anniversary of this blog ’20 east’. When I wrote the first post I really had no idea whether I would make it to the end of the first month, let alone the first year but here we are a year and a bit later and still going strong.

Statistics – Just over 43,000 visits have been made to this blog in the last year (not counting my own). There are 300 posts that have generated 1,069 comments. The best month was this month with circa 5,600 visits so far although the average monthly traffic is steady at around 4,000. The best day was Oct 11th 2008 with 273 visits. The average daily count on an annual basis was 62 in 2007 and 128 so far in 2008. The highest daily traffic throughout a month was this month with an average of 183 visits each day throughout October. The lowest was February with an average of only 83 per day. (February was a tough month with Dubai, chickenpox and a messy remont so this makes perfect sense!)

A year ago we were celebrating the end of the Kaczyński government, the election took place the day after I started this blog. One year later we are still worrying about the behaviour of his brother whilst trying to understand the implications of a crunch-munch on Europe, Poland in particular. Within the coming year might we expect to see more obvious Euro 2012 preparations as well as setting the foundations for Poland adopting the Euro currency? Perhaps some constitutional changes to clarify the roles of prime minister and president as well as removing any obstacles to that change of currency? We will for sure learn the real truth about just how gloomy or optimistic the economic forecasts for Poland should have been. We will undoubtedly see further slippage in the residential arena but made slightly less painful by Mr Tusk’s cuts in personal taxation that take effect on 1st January 2009. Anyone interested in football will be interested to see if Grzegorz Lato can turn around the fortunes of Polish Football or if he’s just another bad egg. That’s assuming that yesterday’s election result is not overturned.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited ’20 east’, especially those who visit regularly and those who take the time to comment.

The one I remembered

Yesterday was our ninth wedding anniversary. Hurrah for us!! For our tenth I’ve promised to take my wonderful wife to New York and buy her two pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes. It’s the only reason she’s stayed with me this long! I’m going to have to come up with something even better for our 20th!

I’d like to say a big thank you to my wife! XXX


9 thoughts on “Podwójnie Happy Anniversary!!

  1. Someone has been watching “Sex and the City” perhaps? Just be glad you did not agree to rent a second home there. Virtually no one can afford to live like these women do, except for Carrie, and the price for her apartment would probably make my eyes water.

    Will this be your first visit to the States? I am definitely looking forward to the posts! Late October is a perfect time to visit NYC. Some guidebooks don’t have it, but the Polish ‘hood is Greenpoint in Brooklyn, on the ‘G’ subway line. Hopefully the currency exchange rates will hold out so you can score some big bargains (except for the shoes, of course).

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks, DC. As you guessed, we have worked our way through several series of “Sex and the City” as well as the film. It was painful but I’ve watched worse.

    It will be the first time in the US for my wife and daughter (if she goes). I’ve been many times before although only once to New York back in the ’80s. I used to travel quite frequently to the US when I worked for a company who had their HQ on Old Cutler Rd in Miami.

    We have a friend in New York so she may help us find our way about but I expect we’ll be staying in a hotel. Finding the right hotel won’t be easy.

  3. Wow – you made it through the film.

    Yes, hotels in NYC are definitely a problem. It pays to research them carefully. Your friend might be quite valuable with this. It’s all too easy to end up in an unbelievable tiny room, which would suck for 3 of you, or the “window” faces a brick wall one foot away. Depressing.

    If you are looking mid-market and don’t mind chains, the Hilton Garden Inn on 8th Avenue in Times Square has fairly large rooms (for NYC) that are very clean with a refrigerator and microwave in the room. Excellent location for transportation. Expect to pay around $300 with taxes, maybe a bit less. Most of the other places I’ve stayed I would not recommend for 3 people. Be suspicious of any place under $200. The Holiday Inn in Chinatown has decent size rooms, but it’s been a while since I’ve stayed there. Great neighborhood to walk around with cheap options for food.

    I’m sure there are nicer rooms out there, but many are out of my price range. You could look into a b and b or apartment rental if you want to save some cash. Good luck!

  4. Miami, huh? Now I understand some of your ideas about the States – heh heh.

    Have you seen this “Londoners” show on TVP? I am curious if it’s any good. I am trying to figure out if it will be shown on the satellite channels here but have been unable to find it yet.

  5. Hooray! Big congrats on the anniversaries.

    TWO pairs of shoes :)

    DC: I watched the first episode of Londoners, I was lured by rumours that it was ‘partly in English.’ In fact the English consisted of about 4 lines of dialogue spoken by irrelevant characters. Overall I found it a bit OTT. There’s lots of drug smuggling and menacing characters floating about; not sure if this reflects a Polish view of London as a dangerous and scary place or if the producers were just afraid it would be boring without a big helping of unlikely drama.

  6. Island – do you think I could get away with TWO shoes?

    Pity about Londoners. I’ve not seen any of it (otherwise there would have been a post of course!) but it doesn’t sound like it has been done intelligently.

    Is it a sort of ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Poles’?

  7. Marry Blogsmas! Bloggy Marmans!

    “The Force is with you, young…”
    A. Skywalker
    B. Blogwalker
    C. Wedlocker
    …And wait till you’re the old one yet”

    PS Don’t get too rushy about NY footwear though. Listen to what good uncle Frank sings to you, with a line only slightly paraphrased:
    “If I can buy shoes there, I’m gonna buy them anywhere!”


  8. Manolo Blahnik’s and then a few pair of Jimmy Choo to round out the wardrobe. I hope you rgetting paid big bucks for writing this blog. (hehehe)

    Congratulations to you on both ‘anniversaries”.


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