Might as well bring the Arabs over now then!

It’s a sad day when yet another shopping emporium falls victim of the dark side of the force. I’m still recovering from my last visit to Selfridges in London, which is now just a satellite of Dubai and then they have to go and do this!

The Klif centre on Okopowa used to be a nice little shopping centre. They had a number of shops we used frequently, like a toy shop for example, as well as the Bomi supermarket, even a McDonalds if you were hungry. Then Arkadia opened and they came under pressure from the bigger attraction. The correct response would have been to close down all the silly boutiques and open more unique and interesting units. Something like a cross between a farmer’s market and Covent Garden would have done perfectly. Instead they have come under the influence of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor Palpatine, and closed anything remotely interesting in favour of a string of new Gucci-Falluci, waste-of-space, handbag shops! Bomi is still there, but for how long? When that goes I’ll have not a single reason to visit Kilf.

You’ll notice the lack of crowds in the aisles. My opinion is that it will stay that way and they deserve everything they have coming to them. Their strategy nowadays is obviously to catch one customer a month and make enough profit off that sale to pay the rent. Pathetic. Warsaw is absolutely NOT short of Gucci-Falluci retail opportunities. If the Porsche Cayenne crowd need more shoes, bags or designer jeans they can go bugger off to one of the other thousand overpriced shops they already have here. Why come mess up our neighbourhood as well?

Rather than fight Arkadia by creating a truly unique and interesting centre, a destination with things that are hard to find in the rest of Warsaw, they decide to follow the well trodden path of high end fashion. Essentially the same as Arkadia, but worse. Great idea. Not.

The High Emperor of Centrum Klif – Okopowa

While I’m in a retail mood. Why no department stores in Poland? Here’s a joke

“How do you know you’re in a Polish lift?”

“Because when you say ‘Third floor – Haberdashery, Menswear, Toys and Coffee Shop’ everyone looks at you like you’re a lunatic!”.

I’ve taken my wife to John Lewis and she loves it. Why has nobody thought this might be a good idea over here? I’m getting tired of having to visit seven different shops to fulfill one shopping list.


6 thoughts on “Might as well bring the Arabs over now then!

  1. Oh goodness! I’m so glad you didn’t catch me in that photo! I’m the only person ever seen at Klif wearing a fleece, baggy jeans and red clogs. The one with unkempt hair, looking distracted because I’m trying to remember the word for “salmon”. Definitely. Do. Not. Belong. There.

    I agree with you totally. I love Bomy but everything else there is a waste of time. Out of curiosity, what would you consider “hard to find in the rest of Warsaw”?

    For me, EVERYTHING is hard to find, so maybe you can narrow the field?

  2. “Why has nobody thought this might be a good idea over here?”

    Because the IIWW destroyed all the big “dom towarowy” shops where you could buy everything under one roof. And after the war the Polish or Jewish (if still alive) merchant families were not allowed to own a big private “dom towarowy” like Harrods, John Lewis or whatever.

    BUT !

    i have good news for you.

    The Jabłkowski Brothers are rebuilding their pre war “dom towarowy” in the Bracka street.


    And here you can see an other dom towarowy ;)


    In the plac. Defilad there will be also a shop like John Lewis in the near future.

  3. Sorry – some comments got held up in the “approve” queue. I don’t know why WordPress does that sometimes, but it does.

    But will that be a department store or just another gallery of handbag shops for visiting Russians, I wonder?

    I see they have no tenants yet.

  4. department store :)

    just visit their website

    htt p://www.wolfimmobilien.pl/index1_gb.html

    and push the button “wolf bracka” and then “information”.

  5. Yes yes, I did all that and then I also clicked on “tenants”. They have nobody signed up yet and that means it might be a department store, as planned, or if they can’t get the right tenant to take the whole space it might end up as another Russian handbag & boots emporium that looks like a department store! ;)

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