An autumn walk

Well it is more of an excuse to put up a few pictures really! I’m slowly rediscovering the advantages of setting the right exposure before letting off the shutter. Pretty basic part of photography you might suggest and you’d be right but since digital came along the need to get it just right has diminished and there’s a tendency to just put it into ‘P’ mode and click away. A lot of the time it works pretty well but there are times when it doesn’t and this was starting to annoy me.

The D80 has a ‘FUNC’ button on the front that you can set to do various things. I’ve recently set it to ‘spot metering’ which allows me to point at the part of the scene I want to expose for, check the reading and then go to manual and turn the dials until I have the settings for aperture and speed I need. It is very early days but I’m quite happy with some of the results I’m getting.

One of the strange sights on our way to and from park młociny is this house. In English it might be called a one-up one-down as it seems to have just two rooms one plonked on top of the other.


It has always shown signs of being inhabited but I’ve never been sure about that until the other day when I saw the lady of the house cleaning her upstairs landing (this taken from the other side of the abode).


One often encounters strange looking houses in Poland but this one is amongst the weirdest. Not just because of the layout but also the location. I imagine it was at some time intended for someone employed to do something in the park, perhaps still is?


9 thoughts on “An autumn walk

  1. My Panasonic doesn’t have a FUNC or manual setting, but I have been playing around with its other settings – [night] scenery, sunset, candlelight, portrait, etc. and am surprised at the differences. Sometimes the strangest setting produces the most interesting shots.

    If you do have a crossbow with you when you meet that boar, can you grill him over the fire in the park, or would you lug him home (and get arrested?)

  2. Is this what you guys are talking about?

    Spotted these two in Puszcza Kampinoska, just outside Warsaw last Autumn. A mother and her young I assume. Actually not very shy and quite comfortable with us trundling past with a pushchair and a loud three year old. I’d say they are quite used to people.

    Obviously when anybody else asks, I tell them that I’d crouched in an animal-hide for two days without food or water in order to get this shot :)

  3. Wow!

    Scatts that’s pretty embarrassing for you !

    You live in Warsaw since 1856 and could not spot an elk. Yellerbelly comes here from the UK and finds them immediately… :D

  4. It could have been my son’s dirty nappy.

    I vaguely remember him nibbling some high protein, low-fibre herbs and leaves the day before. You know what kids are like at that age…

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