Copperknickers has got nothing on me!

I was sitting on the terrace today “taking the air” as part of my recuperation from whatever it was I had and I noticed that the sun is doing strange things.

When me moved here in August the sun would swing its way around past the tree-tops to the left hand side and be blasting the terrace for most of the afternoon before it went behind the trees to the right hand side and sank for the evening. Today it never really got past the left hand trees, wasn’t high enough to make much of an impact, and then sank without trace somewhere roughly in the middle of the vista de la terrace at around 16:30. Poor effort, I must say!

I can only conclude that the earth is revolving around the sun on a wonky orbit thus making seasons and doing funny things with my daylight! Eureka!

I shall now publish my epic – De revolutionibus sunium młocinitium and await a Nobel prize.


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