5yr old vocab

My daughter, AKA “the golden one”, is not a stupid girl by any means and can at times be the most wonderful person to have a conversation with. Just the other day on the way to playschool she was explaining to me how it’s just not possible for all those stupid drivers daddy keeps shouting at to go away because then the world would be a different place, there’d be no playschool, no home, no Pan Jesus or anything!

This is all very charming but to counter balance these flashes of genius there are those times when the only words she knows are; no! why? and how? I find these times a little tiring and I’m hoping she’ll grow out of them! :)


2 thoughts on “5yr old vocab

  1. whats’s it like to be little and to have lots of self identity to assert and discover? I’m really curious as to how it will be with my Oleś. Mind you, i can’t wait till he’s asking loads of questions – you now the old saying ‘give me the boy till he is seven and i will show you the man’ – must work the same for girls. Recently I’ve pondered that my brothers’ children will have a british psyche/ identity while our son’s will be polish. This is going to be so weird!

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