Football update

Further to my recent post about the stand-off between FIFA, UEFA and Poland.

The following article from last Friday suggests that progress is being made:

The Independent Electoral Committee (IEC), composed by representatives of FIFA, UEFA and the Polish authorities, met today, 10 October 2008, at the Home of FIFA in Zurich, where they reached an agreement on the roadmap to be followed for the elections of the Polish FA (PZPN) and for the steps to be taken for the future of Polish football.

The participants in the meeting (see list below) took note of the positive evolution produced in the past days. It was confirmed that the temporary administrator of the PZPN that had been established by the Polish National Olympic Committee last week has been withdrawn and that an agreement has been reached between the Polish ministry in charge of sports and the PZPN.

All parties agreed on the following points:

• The elections of the PZPN will take place on 30 October, as scheduled
• The electoral process will be supervised by the Independent Electoral Committee which was created in 2007
• Following the elections, FIFA and UEFA, together with the Polish ministry in charge of sports, will continue to monitor the situation of Polish football and will support and assist the newly elected leadership of the PZPN in order to improve the management and development of football in Poland, to help in the fight against criminal activities in and around football in the country

FIFA and UEFA are committed to providing their expertise in football management in order to bring together the Polish football community.

List of participants in the meeting:

Members of the IEC:
Prof Michal Kleiber, advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland
Adam Giersz, advisor to the Polish Minister of Sport and Tourism
David Taylor, UEFA General Secretary
Jérome Champagne, FIFA Director of International Relations

Michal Listkiewicz, President of the PZPN

From this, I’m not sure why people are saying the government lost the fight. Listkiewicz is only an ‘observer’ of a process that is presumably going to either remove him from office or seriously hamper his ability to do whatever he was doing before.

On the domestic front it is now quite obvious that the entire credit munch-bunch crisis was engineered to bring about the downfall of the world’s greatest football team – West Ham United. A few weeks back we lost our sponsor, XL, as their business crashed leaving many holidaymakers stranded with no flights home. Now our Icelandic owner, Bjorgmorg Gustafolsenmunsson (or whatever) is in serious do-dos as his Icelandic bank has been nationalised and allegedly other assets are not doing well either. Not to mention the fact that he’s living in country that is trying hard to hide from people it owes money to. So, looks like West Ham will be up for sale at a discount price pretty soon, I’ll bet Zola is wondering just what he got himself (and Steve Clarke) into!


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