Warsaw NatureWatch

This fun-guy suddenly shot up in the middle of our front ‘lawn’ –

Identified, with great thanks to Lone and Stephen, as a Shaggy Ink Cap mushroom (or Lawyer’s Wig) – Coprinus comatus.

A few days earlier we had this lot poking their heads up a few metres away from the picture above although photographed at night.

These are apparently Common Ink Cap mushrooms – Coprinopsis atramentaria. The same family as above but these ones contain Coprine (similar to Disulfram) which makes you very sick when combined with alcohol.

I also remembered to get shots of the plaques affixed to the Black Poplar tree. This is the tree (tall one with no leaves) and the plaques are fixed to the far side:

This one says “Pomnik Przyrody – Prawem Chroniony”. The last bit is ‘legally protected’ but I’m not sure about the first part.

And this one says “M. Krawczyk age 11, J. Balcerzak age 5 – w tym miescu zgineli tragicznie na skutek wybuchu bomby bracia cioteczni 16 Maja 1945 roku”.


5 thoughts on “Warsaw NatureWatch

  1. I looked again at the photo and it is braci (might be an ‘a’ but hidden behind some bark) and then cioteczni so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and have edited the post accordingly. Thanks.

  2. LOL It’s not like there are two options, but thanks for the credit. I promise to manage better than Iceland. ;)

    BTW the Ś.P at both sides of the cross stands for Świętej Pamięci – of Sacred Memory, Remembrance? Hmm…

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