Autumn, planes and dining tables

The golden blanket of a Warsaw autumn has reached the tops of even the hardiest of trees and is slowly making its way to the ground bringing a harvest of leaves with it.

The Black Poplar in the above picture got a head start on the rest and has lost all its leaves already. Thankfully there are gardeners here who clear up the leaves, well, all the leaves except the ones piled on the car in the mornings. These stay on the car while I drive to work and, if it is wet, quite a number of them are still there when I park in ZT car park level -4. The car slowly dries off during the day and so when I go back to it later it I have a dry car covered with leaves. Looks a bit like an exhibit at the Tate Modern!

Our place is obviously on a popular route for light aircraft.

Things like this buzz over each morning between about 8:00 and 10:00, then again in the evening just before darkness, those pilots without night flying license presumably. Those with a license then buzz over a little later. I’m not sure where they are coming from or going to but I expect Bemowo is involved.

Who needs Allegro when you have a mother-in-law?

This fine piece of dining equipment, only nine years old, was destined for our first Allegro (Ebay) auction. We asked the MIL if she wanted it and, of course, she does and is sending the troops to collect over the weekend. This is despite the fact that she has pretty much nowhere to put the thing. Her apartment has very recently been furnished with a massive “dining room set” so I expect this will end up replacing a plastic table on the terrace at the country cottage. I’m struggling to think of anything that we might not want that MIL would not take off our hands! Mind you, she’s got a good act of appearing not to be interested: “We’re getting rid of this, mum, do you want it?”……”What are you crazy!? You don’t want to get rid of that, there’s nothing wrong with it!”………..”Either you take it or goes in the trash.”…….”Okay then, [nearby male] put that in the car now!”.

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