Remember my letter to TPSA? Well, this post comes to you from the desktop PC in the study at home via a modem and through phone lines provided by TPSA ‘neostrada’ at a speed of 2.5 Mbps. How is this possible, you may ask.

After I wrote the letter the saga continued in exactly the same fashion as before but with a few added twists, new excuses as to why nothing was working. In the last couple of days even, three calls to 9330 have yielded the following responses;

  1. It is not technically possible to connect you at all – goodbye.
  2. Everything is now working fine but you must register the system again using a new number. The director and my supervisor are working on this and for sure the new number will be with you (insert lie about when it will be with me).
  3. There is an IT problem with your telephone number and it is not possible to use that number for any neostrada connection until that is fixed. We have no idea when it will be fixed, it depends on the IT guys in Poznan (who seem to be a law unto themselves). Better idea (inferring that IT problem may never be fixed) is to install a new line but we already know that is not possible because the cable is too small. We therefore need you to swap telephone line and number with someone else on your estate.

My reading between all the lines suggested that the modem and line were now working just fine but the problem was with the registration. On their instructions I had registered the system two months ago but from the wrong computer at the wrong time, so it appears. So I was waiting patiently for TPSA to delete the old, faulty, registration and provide a new order number so I could do it all again.

Finally my brain started working the right way. “If everything good that TPSA tells me turns out to be nonsense then perhaps the bad they tell me is also nonsense?!”. I have just tried to register the system again using the exact same numbers I used before, that everyone was telling me was a big mess and won’t work. It worked. Here I am.

Only one small issue is that I’m using a very basic piece of software installed by the engineer who came to test the line and modem and not the software that came in the box. It managed to connect to the registration webpage though and seems plenty good enough for everything I need to connect-disconnect so I shall forego the bells and whistles software and stick with the one that works.

Although I called TP last night and told them not to do anything else under any circumstances, what’s the betting that they delete this registration anyway thus plunging me back into the dark ages once again?!

In the final analysis I have to say well done to TPSA for the work they put into “rebuilding the line”. There was obviously a major problem originally and although it took far longer than it should have done they did eventually create a line that can handle the 2 Mbps we ordered. However, any good work they may have done on the hardware side is completely upended by the total disaster of a communication system they have within their company. As you can see, right up to the end they managed to feed me confusing, wrong and mixed messages about what the problem was, what needed doing and when it might be done. The fact that it is working now is down to my own ‘intelligence’ rather than their instructions. Left in their hands it is very likely that I would be sitting here with a technically perfect line but never be connected to neostrada.

3 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. nicq, you’re absolutely right! I used their ‘app’ in the last apartment and it was more trouble than it was worth. Using this simple ‘network connect’ thing is far less hassle and quite a bit faster too.

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