Wrapping up the Andalusia trip

In the last post about our visit to the Andalusia region of Spain I’ll take a look at Seville, Malaga and Tarifa.


As I mentioned before, we spent only a few hours in Seville. It was hot as hell, 39C when we arrived, and as we were there during daylight hours the entire city was asleep enjoying another day’s siesta. We took the bus tour in the hope of catching the highlights but there was really very little worth looking at. Perhaps at midnight the place is more interesting but we didn’t hang around to find out.

Here’s a view of the Guadalquivir river from one of the bridges

A bridge built for the expo

The Plaza De Espana

The bullring


We spent slightly more time in Malaga than Seville but not enough to say we really explored the place fully. We headed straight for the harbour where there was a fair bit of interest being generated by this ship:

Having done that we headed for the ‘old town’ area and found a cathedral

After grabbing some dinner we wandered around to the Alcazar, which was being rebuilt whilst under attack from a huge pink octopus!


As the sign says, Tarifa is the southest town in Europe. There is a hell of a wind blows through the narrow gap between Europe and Africa and the Spanish have attempted to use it;

If you walk as far south as you can go, you end up not faced with with a great view of Africa but an ugly military area;

If you turn around you get a view of Tarifa. The wind is such that the walk along this short stretch of road exposes you to sufficient sand-blasting to remove two layers of skin!

On the beach, plenty of ‘windbreaks’;

We had a great meal on the street in the old town area

..and took a stroll through the town before taking the long road back to our hotel


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