Warsaw NatureWatch

Our latest visitor was this chap. Sorry about the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ photo effect but he was in a glass jar you know!

A very short attempt to identify him/her suggests this is a Tettigoniidae – shield-backed grasshopper, on the basis that it’s not a cricket but it does have long antennae. The colour is a bit off as these are mostly green but I suppose if the Giant Black Slug can be brown then so can the grasshoppers!

He was found lost and lonely climbing the door frame and then caught expertly by yours truly, wildlife hunter to the stars. I threw in a few slices of cucumber and plenty of szczypiorek in case he needed to make a salad while we detained him. I have to admit he didn’t look impressed but he survived a day and then we released him back to the wild with tears in our eyes. Trying hard not to exaggerate, he was about 4-5cm long.

I wonder what will come along next?


3 thoughts on “Warsaw NatureWatch

  1. Thanks DC, I’ll watch the video at work, faster connection, but I am interested in the whole US election circus. I was going to post again but just ran out of time.

    I suppose there’s just no such thing as a perfect candidate!

    Retirement funds…..what are they? :)

  2. “I suppose there’s just no such thing as a perfect candidate!”

    Very generous! Let’s see what you think after work tomorrow. I can feed you scarier stuff if you wanted to post on the subject.

    Retirement funds? I still have enough left for a few Royale with Cheese.


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