Zlota 44 update – Sept 08


As you can see, they have now completed the taller ground level for reception and commercial use as well as three upper floors. As I write they are busy laying the reinforcement for the 4th floor slab, many of the columns are already finished.

The daily grind on site is one of candy-stripe lorries full of concrete, tons of re-bar, pumping, leveling, formwork….move onto the next level. It really is a very meccano-like building site these days.

103622299 103622301

So far, so good, but I can’t help worrying that it is all going to grind to a halt and I’m going to be faced with X floors of an unfinished building waiting for someone to finish it off. What with the whole global munch-crunch and the investor’s shares having dropped from over 100 Euro to less than 20 in the last year it just leaves one with a sense of impending doom-gloom. Remember the Turkish white-elephant that is now reborn as “Blue City”? That was a few thousand tons of redundant concrete for years on end. Hopefully history is not about to repeat itself.

The investor held a big party last week, attended by Libeskind (the architect) and presumably other celebs. I didn’t find out what the party was for, to keep everyone interested, to encourage people to make their payments, to reassure perhaps? “We have every confidence that despite the global munch-bunch everything is going to just fine and we have full confidence in this project and its timely completion.”.

If this is anything like football, perhaps we should start taking bets about on which floor level works will stop? :) Like one of today’s sports headlines – “Ramos stays calm over job future”. Yeah, right!


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