The circus is in town!

Roll up, roll up!

Cyrk Zalewski is back in Warsaw, fertilising the same patch of ground they always do between Towarowa and Wolska. Searching through my photo album I see that we were there almost exactly 2 years ago today. Zosia enjoyed it, we all did in fact, but I think she’ll get more from it now that she’s 5 1/2 as opposed to only 3 1/2.

The short sleeved tops suggest the weather was better two years ago than it is right now!

You can get tickets online or at the ticket office on site. The boxes (loża) that are nearer the area can only be purchased at the site and cost 100 PLN adult and 30 PLN kids. The general seats, not numbered, cost 60 adult and 20 kids or a family ticket for 100 (two adults + two kids).

Whip me! Whip me! Madame Whiplash, fresh from her duties at the Labour Party conference in the UK.

They have lions, tigers, seals, elephants, horses, clowns, the wheel of death, trapeze artists and other things I can’t translate like linoskoczkowie and dżygici ???

Of course, if you’re against the whole idea of performing animals then you’d better not go. I’m only going myself because I heard that a few of the animals are dab hands at installing neostrada internet connections and I’m thinking they may be a faster option than waiting for TPSA to get their own circus act together.

Apparently, the animals make enough money on the side doing this work that they’re opening a circus of their own where animals manage everything and TPSA staff perform tricks in the arena. Now that I would by tickets for!


13 thoughts on “The circus is in town!

  1. linoskoczek – ‘tightrope walker’? (chodzenie po linie – tightrope walking)
    dżygit – most probably ‘dzhigit’, also spelled as ‘djigit’ or ‘jigit’?

    (sources: slightly creative wikipedia cross-references search :-))

  2. Scatts, that’s exactly what I meant.

    Quoth wikipedia: “Dzhigit, also spelled as djigit or jigit, is a word of Turkic origin which is used in the Caucasus to describe a skillful and brave equestrian, or a brave person in general.

    The derived term dzhigitovka (or dzhigiting) means the special style of trick riding, which originated in the Caucasus and Central Asia, and is also popular with Russian Cossacks, who adopted it from the people of Caucasus. When performing dzhigitovka, the riders at full gallop stand up, jump to the ground and back to the saddle, pick up objects from the ground (such as coins, hats, etc), shoot targets with various weapons, ride hanging on the side or under the belly of the horse and do other acrobatic feats.”

  3. I heard that’s good but I’ve not seen any. Does it go out of its way to be “gay” or is it pretty sensibly done? I don’t object to gayness on TV in any way but there are times when you tell the writer/s are gay themselves and there’s this whole hidden agenda that spoils the program. Six Feet Under got a bit that way at times and it was annoying as hell because it was such a good series.

    Funniest gay movie I’ve ever seen must be The Birdcage, cracks me up every time I see it. A bit OTT and stereotypical of course but very well acted and great dialogue. The film’s getting a bit long in the tooth now though, I suppose.

  4. If you can manage to ignore Grace, it’s pretty ok. Secondary characters Jack and Karen make it worth a watch. It’s definitely quite gay, but not “cooler than thou” gay if I understand your objection to SFU.

  5. Is this the same circus that a tiger escaped from a few years back? It ran around Warsaw for a while before getting shot, along with a vet who was trying to sedate it.

  6. Scatts, sorry for the late reply:)

    To be honest I don’t really think “Will and Grace” is a gay series. You know they place those sitcoms in all various “themes” like an airline (“Wings”), tv station (“Murphy Brown”), radio agony-aunt (“Frasier”)… so this has a “gay theme”. It’s written by gay people, acted by straight people – and it’s easy to like it. There were some good ideas for the characters and plots, as well as cultural references and it all works together.

    Judging from the point of a queer (or even gay) political agenda there could be some reservations, but it’s just fun.

    And anyone who made these gay men likeable in television for a typical Mr Smith from Texas should get a special prize (and I think W&G scriptwriters got some). It’s not the gay comic relief type of show.

    As to the “Birdcage”, if you mean the USA remake with Robin Williams, I really hated it:)) I felt it was too unauthentic…. As if a straight guy like Roman Giertych got stoned and decided to put all his concepts of what gay is into a movie:)) Thank you, I prefer “Lubiewo”;)

    Camp is fine, kitsch is fine, but there was something I didn’t buy in this “Birdcage”.

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