Dos sangria and a packet of crisps

So we did Gibraltar as promised. A very tall rock with monkeys living at the top, macaque to be precise and Barbary Macaque (or Barbary Ape – Macaca sylvanus) to be very very precise. Macaque, after humans, are the most widespread primate species. The fact that they, and Brits, decided to spread themselves as far as this lump of windy rock is a testament to their endeavour if not to their intelligence. I’ve got loads of pictures of the rock and of the apes but for all pictures you will have to wait until I get back home and get TP “stinking useless” SA sorted out.

Gibraltar is an interesting place to visit and I’ll write more later when I have time. We took the cable car to the top and for some strange reason decided to walk all the way back down. I don’t think even the military training includes that exercise! Our legs are still recovering.

We did Puerto Banus. If you drive anything less than a Ferrari or Aston you may as well not bother going.

On the day we did Gibraltar, we also went to Tarifa, “The most Southernest point of Europe” as the billboard announced. Nice town, famous for wind as it is at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Mediterranean and is therefore very popular with kite-surfers. We saw few surfers but plenty of wind. You can catch a fast ferry across to Tangier from here, takes about 45 mins. From the looks of many Tarifa residents I might guess that a reasonable amount of “Tangier Rainbow” is coming back the other way! :)

Weather is boringly hot and sunny. I got excited this morning because there were clouds and even a drop of rain but by the time I’d got inside the room to tell everyone, the sun was out again and it was 9,000 degrees C.

I’ve signed up for the Spanish haircut experience today, we’ll see how that goes. After that we’re just hanging by the pool and eating more fish – yummy!

Trips coming up include “the big one” – Granada and the Alhambra, another trip into the mountains (tomorrow, I think), Malaga, Marbella and then more relaxing before heading back to sunny Warsaw.

Bye for now.


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