Service may be disrupted

We’re away on holly-holly-day to Spain tomorrow, back in a couple of weeks. I’ll have this laptop with me but don’t know whether I’ll have a connection or time to post. I’ll do my best – like anyone gives a sh1t! :)

If I don’t manage anything, just imagine me up to my ears in swimming pools, sunshine (current forecast 33C day, 24C night for ever and ever), sangria, tapas, Alhambras, Cordobas, Seville marmalade and other southern Spanish stuff.

For literary types, I’m taking with me as poolside reading;

  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls – Hemingway (Spanish influence)
  2. The Waves – Woolf (Waves, beach, get it?)
  3. Brighton Rock – Greene (English seaside & I love Greene)
  4. The Crow Road – Banks (because I’m half-way through it)

Carry-on luggage is starting to resemble the fruits of a robbery on Media Markt! Laptop, iPod, Nikon……….. Oh, my aching back!


3 thoughts on “Service may be disrupted

  1. Darth,

    Interesting question. I’ll assume you’re referring to Wasp Factory? That was the first of Banks’ books I read and I found it, I think the word is, enthralling. Well written, good story with a bit of an edge. I then went on to read many more of his books both fiction and science fiction (as Iain M Banks). His imagination transfers well into the sci-fi genre.

    As for Crow Road, I have to say I have been trying to finish it for some considerable time and whilst on holiday I finally gave up with it! I’ve got as far as chapter 8 and I’m stuck. There are flashes of deep enjoyment but the whole story is not compelling me to put in the effort. I don’t really care too much what happens to these characters.

    I re-read Brighton Rock and enjoyed that far more.

    Have you read much of Banks’ work?

  2. Right now I have got 3 Banks to score – enjoyable The Bridge and TWF to reread & Crow a new thing, but I also have a new Lodge, too tough, and I have the 9 vols of that promisedly funny Dresden File series, too downdumbing, hey I cannot drive my eyes through anything, not even through a Nicholas Baker’s Fermata – which is sheer porn. Well, poor porn overratedly disguised as more. My, I do am getting old :/

    Anyway, when you say you gave up with the Crow, it’s good. I will have fewer regrets about non-reading anything.

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