A few of “those” days

Suffering a little in the aftermath of moving because just about everything I’m trying to organise is proving to be mucho frustrating in that sort of Polish way!

I wanted to get plenty of things done in the last few days but the Gods are not smiling on me.

  1. List of remedial works in the new place. Saw the administrator and his “golden-hand” helper the other morning by accident while I was having what is turning into a nice tradition here – the dressing-gown coffee on the terrace listening to the birds. They (admin, not birds) are clearly early risers as they were already hard at work in the middle of a bunch of stuff at around 07:30. I sat them down and started explaining a few things but by point # 4 it was time for my wife to leave for work and so I went over to say goodbye. When I got back the admin folk had left! I suppose we’ll come back to that list later.
  2. Wanted some valves (lampy) for my hi-fi amplifier as it’s 9 years old now and they must need replacing. Walked my sorry backside over to the sklep where I bought the kit only to be told they don’t sell them and I should check the internet! Managed to find some, a pair of 6922’s if anyone knows about these things, which should be arriving today.
  3. Wanted to give the British Council library the audio book I promised for breaking one a while back and also to take out some more. Library is closed and will not open again on Jerozolimskie, ever. Not even sure where, or if, it will open again. That’s a real blow. Edit – they plan to open something cooperating with another library in South Praga (wherever that is!)
  4. Went to Empik (why do I bother?) to buy audio books & a travel guide to Costa del Spain in English language. Didn’t have either.
  5. Had a wild urge to buy my wife the laptop she needs so badly for work. No special letnia promotions to tempt me and the Mac shop also had none of the software she would need either.
  6. Wanted some binoculars for wildlife spotting from new terrace. All Saturn had was ‘Acme’ rubbish at silly prices and could not think where else to go. In the end though I found a very good sklep on ul. Solec, under the arches close to 3 Maya. The owner’s a telescope nut and really knows what he’s talking about, recommended if you need those things. http://www.teleskopy.pl
  7. Wanted an additional decoder for cyfrowy polsat. Long story ending up with my wife having to flash her dowód but as soon as we got the thing back home the house lost all satellite signal in the storm! The person the admin folk use to fix such things is away until 1st September so now I’m trying to find a sat-man who’s still working in Warsaw and has some spare time.
  8. Needed to return the old Aster city decoder. Went once and didn’t bother because queue was around the block. Went second time and it took 40 minutes to return the thing!
  9. Need to get Neostrada connection in new home. Another long story ending up in a planned installation next Tuesday. Hence, limited on-line time and no ability to upload pictures right now.

Everything else is falling into pretty much the same category right now. Heard yesterday that both of Zosia’s teachers at playschool are leaving and with some not great things to say about how the school treats them. We’re still dealing with that problem and have organised a parent’s committee meeting on Monday to decide on a course of action.

Otherwise, this morning is just beautiful. Very light breeze, bright sunshine, clear air, perfect coffee on the terrace weather! We’ll have to see how this is in the winter because our new house rule is smoking only allowed outside! Hopefully a precursor to stopping smoking altogether.

More when I can.


7 thoughts on “A few of “those” days

  1. Zeiss Classic B T* Compact Pocket 522033 (8×20) Binocular – not cheap but absolutely superb!! I prefer these to the Leica Trinovid 8×20 (more expensive). Haven’t tried the Ultravid.

  2. I got ATN Omega 8×36 in the end. I’d never heard of them but they have great features and excellent build quality without the high prices of Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski. They are a bit too ‘Action Man’ in their design but I can live with that. Absolutely superb depth of field and light transfer.

  3. Interesting about the British Council, I heard that they may be bugging out of Poland entirely and certainly out of the English-teaching game in Poland – it no longer comes within their remit of spreading British culture and language now that everyone here is studying it anyway. End of an era.

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