We’re back!

It seems like it has been a long trip and we’re all a bit worn out right now but then we did pack a lot in to the 10 days. There will be a lot more coming soon but just to whet appetites the trip took in three countries – England, Scotland and Wales – and countless forms of transport – planes, cars, buses, trams, steam trains, canal boats… We went up mountains and down caves, we saw peaks, valleys and dales, we did archery and pottery and we ate a lot of fish & chips!

Here are a few early snaps:

English country view, the City of Warwick from the top of the castle –

Warwick castle – 540 steps to climb the ramparts and tower!

Where Shakespeare was born

Making pots in the Wedgewood factory

Mount Snowdon (highest mountain in England & Wales) and the steam train that got us there

The tram up Great Orme (since 1902)

The beach at Llandudno, Wales

“Full English”, Tesco style

Something Scottish on the way to the castle

Dog cemetery view from Edinburgh castle

Arkwright’s mill at Cromford

On the way to Blue John Cavern – 240 steps down and the same coming up!

Finally, something romantic for the ladies. The place I proposed to my wife almost exactly 9 years ago! Ahhh.


6 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. It looks beautyful and very peaceful. Like a mixture of San Francisco ,Alaska and New Zealand :D Seems to be a perfect tour for a family holiday with small children.

  2. That looks like a lovely holiday and it would appear that you had pretty good weather! Mmmm…fish and chips! Also, English breakfast…my hubby’s a huge fan (minus the tomatoes), but I cannot stand the smell of fried bacon, so this summer I’ve spent a lot of time opening every window available to get rid of the bacon smell.

    I finished the Clay&Kavalier book…will post my thoughts on it someday, but I did really like it. Took a while to get properly into its rhythm, but it’s a fantastic story! Thanks for recommending it…

  3. Kinuk, yes, the weather was really good. First day or two were typical British or Polish summer (clouds, rain, wind) but then it turned into sunshine and blue skies with really hot temps.

    We were particularly lucky with North Wales and Edinburgh, which I felt certain would be rainy days but turned out to be glorious!

  4. Welcome back, even though this post just made me extremely hungry for things I can’t have. By the way, the giant guy in the background of pic 4 freaked me out for a minute :D

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