Zlota 44 – July 08

I promised an update.

Here is where they were at back on 7th May….


….and here is where they have reached as of this afternoon;


It might not look like anything much is happening but they have been very busy indeed. The main changes since May are:

  1. Lowest basement level completed
  2. Next level very advanced
  3. Second tower crane erected
  4. Concrete pump installed in centre of site (the white thing)
  5. Whole site cleared and built on
  6. Columns now rising above site hoarding (fencing)
  7. Millions of tons of iron spaghetti installed and then covered with millions of tons and concrete

4 thoughts on “Zlota 44 – July 08

  1. Certainly! I’m just waiting for TPSA to get internet connected at home so I can deal with photo uploads and then I’ll do a lot of stuff!

    It’s only been a month now, so perhaps sometime before Xmas they might work it out. :(

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