Mixed bag

Who said change is inevitable? Lots of people I suppose and they were all absolutely right! Here are a couple of changes I noticed just today;

View from current apartment:

View from new apartment (very crappy panorama I’m afraid but good enough for a blog!):

Changes, since I’ve been in Warsaw, to the view from my car while waiting for the lights at Stawki / Andersa. Only the tallest building pre-dates my arrival, photo shows dates of construction:

For macro lovers, some pens;

For tram lovers (yes, it is a long wait at that junction!);

Coming soon –

A day trip to Kazimierz Dolny;

…and Jerzy Popiełuszko


3 thoughts on “Mixed bag

  1. Scatts. The green/black combination looks like a hospital website.

    The other design -with the blue “who me” button on top- which you had some minutes ago (just before the green/black) was much better IMO.

    ..But it is of course your blog and not mine. So i will shut up now ;)

  2. Much better. I can read it now!

    I thought there was something wrong with WordPress when the black and green site appeared…but I see one is experimenting.

    Gave my camera to the wife for her holiday with the kids this week and I really needed it today! Isn’t that always the case! Had to use my (and I spit these words out) ‘camera phone’ instead…not healthy. Like the tram photo – a sight you see everyday but never pay attention to. Well spotted.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! The bottom line is that WordPress do not have a “theme” that I really like, so I’m buggering around to find one I can put up with for a while. Not sure I’ve quite finished yet! :)

    What do you think of this one – too boring?

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