Last night over Warsaw we had one of those very dark and gloomy storms that come perhaps a handful of times a year at the most. They are far more dramatic than any storms I remember from the UK, no doubt something to do with being a lot further from the sea?

The first sign is usually the wind picking up, followed by very heavy dark clouds rolling over. Here’s a shot from yesterday, not a good one but it gives you general idea of the contrast between ‘before’ and ‘after’ clouds;


It really is like a scene from a sci-fi movie where the enormous alien craft glides over the city before vaporising it! The rain usually comes very shortly after this cloud arrives but last night the main cloud rolled on by and the rain arrived with the following, less impressive darkness.

Here’s the darkness;


and it really lights up when the lightning comes


I tried to catch some lightning forks but the visible ones were few and far between. I think most of it was cloud to cloud, actually. I’m always in awe of these things, the power and majesty of nature and all that. Thankfully, it blew away a lot of the very stuffy weather and the temperature dropped from over 30C to about 17C although it crept back up to 28C later today.


4 thoughts on “Storm

  1. I was actually out running just before this storm came in! I was at the furthest point away from my apartment when it got REALLY dark…

    Ever tried to outrun a thunderstorm? – it’s quite motivational! I can still feel the ache in my legs :)

    Amazing photos in your links – I have taken photos of lightning before, but never quite this well.

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