Euro 2012 update

If true, this is very good news!

Up to this visit by Platini, all the media had been about how how badly prepared Poland was and how Scotland or Italy were chomping at the bit to take our place. It seems that Uefa don’t agree and not only are they happy with progress but we might even be able to grasp a bigger share of the games thanks to Ukraine’s relatively poor position.

I get the feeling, and I hope my stomach is right, that the earlier warnings of Uefa had some effect and that this government has finally got square behind the need for the country to make this happen.

I’m taking Euro 2012 very seriously, not only because of the football and the chance to be living through the tournament but also, perhaps more so, because in these days of economic crashes it is this kind of activity that will help Poland to stay where it is now, slightly ahead of the tidal wave of misery that is washing over the west and threatening to head this way.

Euro 2012 and all the activity that goes with it is exactly the kind of thing that will keep the country and potential investors thinking positively and that has to be a very good thing. We may be in the midst of an economic depression, but in Poland, there is at least one good reason to remain up-beat for the next 4 years, by which time this depression will have turned into the next boom!

Euro 2012 – death or glory

The state of Polish football


3 thoughts on “Euro 2012 update

  1. If history is a good teacher Poland will be feckless with this event – it will be a debacle. Ukraine was also a poor choice – ever been there?

  2. I haven’t been there yet, Reason. Had a few opportunities to go but they never came to anything. I know people who are there though and can imagine what a silly idea it was.

  3. Scatts – crazy idea. the Ukraine is an absolute mess.

    It is unconscionable that anybody in their right mind would award a high profile event to a country like that. Poland is even a stretch given its feckless way of managing almost any project. The Ukraine has perhaps 1 good road, absolutely no hotels (save for a few), antiquated rail and bus service it’s like a washing machine, unbalanced loaded with a bowling ball on the spin cycle. The 3 Stooges is the best way to describe doing anything there.

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