Something for the weekend, sir?

Just a few snippets that caught my eye.

Polish health service kills poor & homeless people with bird-flu vaccine trials. According to the Telegraph. I always thought Grudziądz was a bit of a strange place! Coming only a few years after the story of Polish medics killing patients to sell their bodies to undertakers, this has to be bad news for the image of the Polish health service, not to mention the people they are apparently killing off.

The birth of a new dialect, Ponglish, already practised in this household!

Why do I get the feeling there’s a lot more behind the issues of CIA prisons in Poland and the missile shield than we’re being told? I don’t like the way the relationship between Poland the USA is shaping up, to be honest. Why are things like prisons and missile shields landing on our doorstep and why are they being kept secret from the people who will surely be the subject of attacks on such installations or attacks on the country in general because we harbour such installations? Being someone who works in a place that must be high on any terrorist’s “Polish targets” list, I’m perhaps slightly more concerned than some.

I mean, everyone knows about Guano Bay (noticeably very far from any significant US populations) so what’s different about the Polish ones, if they exist at all. If they don’t exist, why can’t someone make it categorically clear that they don’t and never have?

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