Stop the planet, I want to get off!

I was cross-checking the cost of flights later this year back to the UK and comparing BmiBaby to East Midlands with BA to Heathrow. Comparison, by the way, for 2 adults and a child return in September is BmiBaby around 1,200 (including allocated seats and baggage) and BA around 2,000 (PLN).

Anyway. As I wound my way through the BA pages I found they are now kindly offering me the option of offsetting the carbon footprint of our flight!! This is one of those “firsts” moments in life, when something completely weird slaps you round the chops and makes you say “What the f***?”, or something less unsavoury depending on your vocabulary.

Yes, offsetting your footprint is now an option and something you can, no doubt, brag about while in the BA lounge or during the flight:

“Jolly good, this idea of offsetting one’s footprint, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes. I always find I fly much more comfortably when I know my footprint’s been offset. Pity about this legroom though!”

“Absolutely! It seems to get tighter every year. Pity one can’t offset one’s legs really! Guffaw, guffaw!”

“Snort, snort! Jeremy! You are so awfully funny!”

So, if you were contemplating offsetting your footprint, as I’m sure you were, below are some details from the BA site. For the three of us, the cost of offsetting is 73.50 PLN. This will be given to the kind gentlemen at Morgan Stanley who will invest it in “green” things, like dollar bills in their account, one assumes.

Offset the carbon emissions for these flights

You can help minimise the impact of your flying by offsetting your carbon emissions. The total carbon emissions from your itinerary are 1.14 tonnes and the cost of offsetting your emissions is PLN73.50.

Your money will go towards UN certified emission reduction projects.

* Please be aware that once your carbon offset contribution is paid, it cannot be refunded.

There are two key elements to our calculation of the suggested carbon offset contribution for your flights:

* The amount of CO2 produced from your flying
* The cost of certified emission reduction

Calculation of the CO2 produced from your flying

We calculate the CO2 of your flying using UK Government data for the carbon emissions for air travel. This tells us how much CO2 is produced for each kilometre travelled. This amount reduces the further you travel, as flying longer distances is more fuel-efficient.
From To Distance in km Kg of CO2 per km Number of passengers Tonnes
Warsaw Gatwick (London) 1458 x 0.13 x 3 = 0.57
Gatwick (London) Warsaw 1458 x 0.13 x 3 = 0.57
The carbon footprint for your journey is 1.14
Cost of certified emission reduction

The cost of the certified emission reduction price of the offset is based on the market price, which may change from time to time due to supply and demand and also currency exchange rates.

Morgan Stanley, who are experts in sourcing certified emission reductions, will use your payment to fund a portfolio of projects selected for our customers to support. The cost of these projects is PLN64.46 per tonne. The cost of offsetting your carbon emissions is 1.14 tonnes x PLN 64.46 = PLN 73.50.


4 thoughts on “Stop the planet, I want to get off!

  1. As a “Pole” you shoud get your ticket money back :D . Polish forests absorb lots of CO2. Poland is not a huge desert like Spain or even France for example…


    More than — 3,145 square kilometres (1,214 square miles) — is protected within 23 national parks. In this respect, Poland ranks first in Europe.

    There are also over 120 areas designated as landscape parks, and numerous nature reserves and other protected areas.

    According to the WWF,…

    Many animals that have since died out in other parts of Europe still survive in Poland, such as the wisent in the ancient woodland of the Białowieża Forest and in Podlachia. Other such species include the brown bear in Białowieża, in the Tatras, and in the Beskids, the gray wolf and the Eurasian lynx in various forests, the moose in northern Poland, and the beaver in Masuria, Pomerania, and Podlachia. In the forests, one also encounters game animals, such as red deer, roe deer, and boars. In eastern Poland there are a number of ancient woodlands, like Białowieża, that have never been cleared by people. There are also large forested areas in the mountains, Masuria, Pomerania, and Lower Silesia.

    Family of White stork, a national bird in PolandPoland is the most important breeding ground for European migratory birds. Out of all of the migratory birds who come to Europe for the summer, one quarter breed in Poland, particularly in the lake districts and the wetlands along the Biebrza, the Narew, and the Warta, which are part of nature reserves or national parks. In Masuria, there are villages in which storks outnumber people.

  2. Having read. My brain evaporates and my foot perspires. Which of the two is more polluting? (I’ll consider removing it to save the Amazonian whale.)

    [BA, please note that small feet make small print.]

  3. Easyjet has been doing this for years, or maybe it just seem like years. Every time you nip over to Blighty some poor sod has to plant 57 trees. Of course in the end it will be impossible to fly anywhere because every square inch of the planet will be stuffed with anti-carbon saplings and there will be no room to land.

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